Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blue Skies Ahead!

There's just something about looking at a blue sky with puffy white clouds that is so comforting and relaxing, so why not have a sweater with blue skies and white clouds on it? Last month, I fell in love with a cashmere cloud sweater from Boden but I didn't quite feel like spending the money on it, so I looked for more affordable options. Luckily, when I Googled "Cloud Sweater", I came across this blue one from LOFT that was more affordable! (Although I might still get the Boden version if it goes on sale because it's pink, thus making it different than this one!) Anyway, this sweater definitely makes you feel optimistic and light as air! It's almost like you're walking on cloud nine!

Initially, I thought this sweater would look good with just a simple pair of white jeans but I then decided to go with a pop of color and opted for pink pants. Pink and blue is always a lovely combination and I also thought it would look fabulous against this rainbow wall that has been one of my favorite murals to take photos at in the Los Angeles area. One of the things that makes me wary about this location is that, technically, you are not supposed to take photos here. (I wrote a whole post about this last summer!) Well, I lucked out because there was no security in sight until the end of the photoshoot and when the security person did arrive, she just walked by like there was nothing to see. So, maybe, I lucked out or, maybe, the cloud sweater made her feel mellow and happy too!

Sweater: LOFT here  and Boden version here
Pants: Old Navy similar pink pants here
Bag: J. Crew Factory similar yellow clutch here
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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Pink Check Pants

This winter, I had my eye on these pink check pants for a very long time, so when they finally went on sale at Anthropologie I knew it was my chance to get them! Normally, I am someone who enjoys wearing skirts and dresses much more than pants but these pants were so fun with their wide-leg style and neon pink and black color combo that I couldn't pass them up! Speaking of bright colors, I thought I would play up the 80s vibe of these pants with a little neon yellow pop of color with my bag! I love the 80s because of the music and the fashion of the era, so I never miss the opportunity to pay homage to the decade!

Another fun aspect of this outfit, in addition to the bright colors and the 80s vibes, are my bunny loafers! I have had these loafers for a long time and while I don't wear them all that often, they are definitely favorites of mine. People always love discovering that they are not just your average classic loafers but are, in fact, little bunnies! I also thought the bunnies would be perfect because Easter is almost right around the corner, now that it's almost March!

Pants: Anthropologie here

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Floral Brooches

With the recent spell of cold weather and the winter storms hitting much of the country over the last couple of weeks, one thing seems certain: everyone is ready for spring! While hopefully warmer temperatures will be here soon, in the meantime, there are definitely ways to infuse some spring vibes into your wardrobe! One way to add some spring into your step is with pops of color, such as wearing a brightly colored coat or sweater! Another way would be to put on floral accessories that hint at the blooms that we will hopefully see soon with March just around the corner. Recently, I purchased these floral brooches from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Loren Hope. I think they are a great way to pay homage to spring!

While I am looking forward to wearing these pins on a denim jacket or a light sweater in the upcoming months, I also think they are perfect on a heavy coat like this very ladylike red coat that was purchased years ago (before I even had a blog!) from J. Crew. While it's obviously not available anymore, I have linked to a similar red coat below. For a vintage ladylike look, I paired my coat, bedecked with my new brooches, with some leopard pants and a cashmere sweater. I wore this outfit on one of the last "colder" days here in Southern California. I probably shouldn't mention this, but it's going to be in the 80s here next week, so I think I might be putting away my winter coats and sweaters for the foreseeable future soon!

Coat: J. Crew similar red coat here
Sweater: J. Crew here
Shoes: J. Crew Factory similar mint shoes here
Bag: Kate Spade similar gold bag here
Brooches: Loren Hope here
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rainbow Buttons

I love it when there's a fun or surprising detail on a piece of clothing! I guess that's why I instantly gravitated to this rainbow button cardigan from Boden. While the pale pink color is definitely cute, the added pop of the buttons and the infusion of color take this cardigan over the top, in my opinion! I decided to pair my cardigan with a pair of red pants. Even though Valentine's Day is over, red and pink will always be one of my favorite color combinations, so I'm not afraid to wear it all year long!

Speaking of red and pink, how fun is this red graphic wall? This mural is located in the Canvas complex in Costa Mesa, right across from South Coast Plaza. In case you were wondering, Canvas is a creative work space and they have some amazing art and murals located on their campus! I featured some of my adventures there on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago and I hope to use some of the other art located there in the future on my blog!

Sweater: Boden here
Pants: Banana Republic similar red linen pants here
Bag: Louis Vuitton
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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! While Valentine's Day isn't necessarily my favorite holiday to celebrate, it is my favorite holiday to dress for, which you could probably tell from my recent posts. (Hearts, pink, red...what's not to love?) Well, love is in the air this weekend and I couldn't think of a more perfect dress to wear to celebrate than this heart dress from Mulberry and Grand because of the cute heart print in red and pink. While there are a lot of cool places for Valentine's Day photos in the Los Angeles area (I even did an entire post on heart walls a couple of years ago!), I love this mural that is located on the side of a parking garage in the city of Anaheim. It combines both love and flowers in one epic mural that is full of color!

Yesterday, my husband and I were at the supermarket getting some last minute essentials for Valentine's Day dinner I am going to fix today and he asked me if I wanted flowers. While I love flowers on murals, I'm not the biggest fan of getting flowers as a gift. Sure, they're pretty, but they usually die after a short period of time and sometimes leave a mess. I told my husband to forget the flowers and just keep taking me to floral murals and I would be happy! Well, he bought me some flowers anyway and took me to this flower wall, so I guess I am a pretty lucky lady!

Dress: Mulberry and Grand here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin similar red patent pumps here
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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hello Kitty Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so, of course, I've been wearing all of my hearts and red and pink themed clothing in celebration! While I have a lot of things that are perfectly themed for Valentine's Day, I don't think anything says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite as much as this Hello Kitty conversation heart skirt! When I saw this skirt as a new arrival last month at ModCloth as part of their Hello Kitty collaboration, it was love at first sight, especially for someone who loves Hello Kitty as much as I do! I also sprung for the matching Hello Kitty blouse because I thought it would be a versatile piece that not only matches the skirt perfectly but could also be worn for many non-Valentine's Day occasions as well!

Usually I don't talk about the sizing of my purchases on my blog unless I feel an item runs large or small and it might be helpful for my readers to have a heads-up if they intend to purchase the same item. I very seldomly order clothing from ModCloth so I am not sure about how their sizing typically runs but I did find the skirt to run small. I actually sized up two sizes from my normal J. Crew size to get the correct fit. (I know that I have probably put on some quarantine pounds but, even taking that into consideration, it still seemed small!) Since I am discussing the fit of the skirt, I will just throw in that I found the blouse to be true to size. ModCloth also has some other adorable items featuring Hello Kitty, so if you want Hello Kitty to be your Valentine this year, definitely check out the ModCloth collaboration!

Skirt: ModCloth here
Blouse: ModCloth here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin similar black patent leather pumps here
Headband: J. Crew similar pink headband here
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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Green Pleated Skirt

I love a good pleated skirt, so, naturally, I have a handful of them hanging in my closet in a variety of different colors! This green pleated skirt is the newest addition to my pleated skirt collection. While the green color is a little more subdued than many of the other colors in my wardrobe, I think you can instantly brighten it up with a colorful pink sweater and a rainbow bag, which is what I did with this outfit. One the other hand, if you're not a fan of color, than the skirt can be toned down as well, making it a very versatile piece for anyone's wardrobe!

Obviously, I am on "team color" if there is such a thing, which I am sure is very apparent from not only my colorful wardrobe but also my colorful choice of backgrounds that I like to use for my blog. For example, I discovered this vibrant mural in Beverly Hills that is located next to a parking garage where I usually park when in the area. The mural is also next to the very famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant Spago. On our most recent trip to Beverly Hills, I made a point of using this mural as a backdrop for this outfit because I thought it would complement the colors in the ensemble perfectly. I guess, at some point, if I ever dine at Spago (whenever it might open!), I can use the background again!

Skirt: J. Crew Factory here and J.Crew version here
Sweater: Target similar pink sweater here
Shoes: J. Crew here
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo similar rainbow bag
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