Sunday, September 23, 2018

Take a Walk on the Bright Side

In my last post, I featured all of my favorite rainbow striped items for fall, so it's only fitting to continue the rainbow stripe theme into this week too! I absolutely adore this colorful striped skirt from SheIn! Not only is it super fun and colorful but it's also $20, which is a great deal for all this color! Also, it's the perfect complement to my "On the Bright Side" tee (what else would one wear with such a colorful skirt?) and my new blue suede shoes from J. Crew! Yes, I have these shoes in pink but they were a super deal at under $50 a few weeks ago, so I had to get them in another color. I don't think they were quite the blue suede shoes Elvis was singing about but they are super cute!

Since there are so many colors in this skirt, it was, as always, a tough choice choosing a bag because the options are endless! Ultimately, I decided on my pink Mansur Gavriel bag, which potentially could be the bag that I am currently getting the most wear out of. Below, I am linking not only to this bag but also to some other pink circle bags at a variety of price points because I sincerely feel that everyone should have one in their life!

Skirt: c/o SheIn here
Tee: J. Crew here
Shoes: J. Crew here
Bag: Mansur Gavriel here
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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rainbows for Fall

I feel like my new rainbow stripe skinny scarf from Daisy Faye Designs was made just for me due to its colorful, fun vibe! It's also what inspired the theme of today's post, which is all things rainbow for fall! This week, I was wearing the colorful scarf as both an accent around my neck and as a bow adorning my bag, when I realized that rainbow and rainbow stripes need not be for only spring and summer. Yes, rainbow stripes can definitely be worn all year round! As someone who adores color, this was quite the relief!

Below, I have assembled some of my favorite rainbow stripe items that have just come out for fall. From skirts to sweaters to accessories, I have all of my rainbow stripe bases covered for the upcoming fall season. All of these items that I am featuring are definitely on the top of my wish list for my fall wardrobe and I hope you'll enjoy them too!




Dress: J. Crew Factory similar green eyelet dress
Jacket: Target similar denim jacket
Bag: Mansur Gavriel here
Shoes: Old Navy here
Scarf: c/o Daisy Faye here

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Back to School With Barrington Gifts

I've been back at school for over a month now and I'd like to think that I'm getting into a routine but I'm still missing the lazy days of summer! One of the things that makes life a little easier, especially when you're getting up in the dark at 5:30am, is having some simple yet chic wardrobe staples like this red eyelet dress that makes getting dressed in the morning a cinch! I also like the fact that this dress is both light and cool, yet the red color is perfect for transitioning into the fall season.

Another essential in my work wardrobe is a great bag that looks classic and chic but that is also practical and can hold all of my essentials, like the stacks of papers that I have to grade! Barrington Gifts makes some great bags that are perfect for work or really just about any occasion. The thing I like best about their bags is that everything can be customized so that you end up with a bag that is unique, just like you! I really had fun looking through the various patterns that Barrington has to offer for their St. Anne tote, which is what I decided to get. In addition to selecting a pattern, you can also get a stripe on the bag, monogrammed with your initials in a variety of colors that is. The possibilities are truly endless!

As you can see from the configuration, I chose the St. Anne tote and I decided to go for something a little colorful yet still classic. I wanted a bag that would go with most of my wardrobe so that I could wear it on a daily basis. Ultimately, the blue pattern I selected with the red and pink stripe and my monogrammed initials definitely fit the bill! I'll definitely enjoy using my Barrington bag as my school bag for this year and hopefully for years to come!

Dress: J. Crew here
Bag: c/o Barrignton Gifts here
Shoes: Kate Spade similar here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Breaking All the Rules

In my last post, I wrote about transitioning my wardrobe for fall, even though the weather here is still hot. In this post, I'm breaking a fall fashion rule, which is to not wear white after Labor Day! Well, rules were meant to be broken! I bought these white embroidered pants from Anthropologie a few weeks ago on super clearance and wore them on Labor Day but I plan to wear them a little bit longer and maybe even get some use out of them during the fall/winter months by adding a sweater to the look.

This time around, I wore the pants with my "Up Beat" tee from J. Crew. I love the message of this tee, especially now that I am back at school and sometimes need a daily reminder to be up beat and positive, no matter what life might throw my way! For a pop of color (not that this outfit or wall really needs any more!), I added some green sandals to complete the look. Like I said, I might switch out some of these bright, summery accessories for more subtle ones so that I can rock these pants in the cooler months...whenever that will be!

Pants: Anthropologie here
Tee: J. Crew
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Old Navy similar here
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

How to Transition to Fall When the Weater is Hot

I wore this outfit last weekend when it was very hot out but I still felt like I was dressed for the fall season. At this point in the year here in Los Angeles it's nowhere near cool enough for sweaters or even long sleeves, so you have to get more creative in transitioning your wardrobe. One of my favorite tips for making a summer wardrobe look more appropriate for fall is wearing fall colors but in lighter fabrics, which is where this polka dot skirt from SheIn comes in. The light brown color is perfect for fall but the material isn't too heavy, so it's very wearable for warmer weather. When the colder temperatures come, I can just add a sweater and I'll be all set!

As you know, I love color, so I didn't want to completely dress in neutrals. Adding a pop of color can add a little hint of summer into your wardrobe without it being too much. Plus, who doesn't want to be reminded of summer? For this outfit, I decided to add the pop of color in the form of this gorgeous statement necklace with these pretty pink iridescent flowers and a pink bag. I love to experiment with colors and I found through this outfit that I really adore pink and brown together! It just might be my go to color combo for this upcoming fall season!

Skirt: c/o SheIn here
Tee: Target similar here
Shoes: J. Crew similar here
Bag: Coach similar here
Necklace: J. Crew here
Sunglasses: Prada
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stripes with a Twist of Lemon

Once again, Target has hit it out of the park with this cotton stripe dress! I love that this dress is not only stylish but it's also so comfortable and easy to wear. I wore it out for the first time this weekend and it was just one of those dresses that you throw on and add some colorful accessories to and you're done! I also like the fact that the dress is machine washable (much of my wardrobe is not) because my husband and I went out for Shabu Shabu and he accidentally dropped an egg from his chopsticks in the Shabu pot and some of the broth splattered on my dress! Luckily, we took these pictures before lunch and the stain came out when I washed the dress afterward, so there were no hard feelings.

As I mentioned, this dress is a fantastic blank canvas for colorful and fun accessories like this lemon purse. I've been eyeing this purse all summer and when the price finally dropped enough to that which I thought was reasonable, I snagged it! I think I now have about three "fruit" themed bags: a watermelon, a grapefruit and now a lemon. It's a veritable fruit salad! Well, I would rather be wearing my fruit in the form of a cute bag than wearing my lunch all over my dress just in case my husband dropped some of it on me!

Dress: Target here
Bag: J. Crew here, similar here
Shoes: Kate Spade here, similar here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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