Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Forget it, Katie. It's Chinatown

I purchased this rainbow tulle skirt from J. Crew in the spring of 2020 right in the midst of the lock down. It was definitely not a practical purchase for the time, considering the fact that nobody could go anywhere then. Even if one wasn't in the midst of a lock down, a rainbow tulle skirt is not exactly an item of clothing that can be worn all the time. However, nearly two years later, I finally found an occasion to wear it. Perhaps I should say that I finally created an occasion to wear it! Last weekend, we went to Chinatown in Los Angeles and I thought this skirt was a perfect match for this fun building that is in the heart of the central plaza of Chinatown. I was definitely very dressed up for a stroll around Chinatown and for the burgers we got for lunch but I dressed the look down (if that's possible) with a love tee and a pair of sneakers, although the sneakers do have glitter on them!

There were a lot of people in Chinatown because this was the weekend before Lunar New Year. Chinatown has definitely gone through some changes since I first visited the area when I was in college. Now you can find a variety of restaurants, stores and art galleries in the area. As I mentioned, we chose to eat at a new burger place that is in the neighborhood, which was delicious! When we came back from our adventure, we decided to watch the film Chinatown, which really isn't about Chinatown and doesn't take place in Chinatown until the final scene but it was fun to have a day devoted to Chinatown, rainbow tulle and yummy burgers! They say nothing good happens in Chinatown but clearly that's not the case!

Tee: J. Crew similar here and here
Skirt:  J. Crew similar here and here
Shoes: Old Navy similar glitter shoes
Bag: Mansur Gavriel similar here

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