Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crazy, Comfy, Cool

Is it just me or do the weekends seem to fly by while the work week drags on endlessly? I sense that it is human nature to perceive time this way, but lately it feels like each week drags on longer than the previous one. Anyhow,  I wore the following outfit this weekend which was comfy and cozy all rolled into one. I love the oxymoronic idea of all the fancy sweatshirts this season. I don't know when we will be sick of them, but it's pretty ingenious to have a sweatshirt that is comfy, yet also has a collar and embellishment so that you look just a tad fancy and sophisticated. It's crazy, but it works!

This sweater/sweatshirt is from the LOFT and I think I am going to be living in it this season. I know the market is flooded right now with these bedazzled versions of casual wear, but I say keep them coming! Even though I am pairing it today with jeans I can easily see the sweatshirt working with dress pants or a skirt. For sizing references I took an xs in this particular jeweled collar sweatshirt from LOFT which was the perfect fit. It's no longer available on the website, but if you see it in the store I would snag it.

Keeping with my theme of comfort I also wore for the first time my Simply Vera Wang smoking slippers from Kohl's. I was a little skeptical about how comfortable these shoes would be, but they literally felt like wearing your most comfy slippers around all day. I think I paid around $25 for these or less (I used one of those Kohl's Cash coupons), so they were definitely a bargain and will also be getting plenty of rotation in my wardrobe this season.

Sweater/Sweatshirt: Ann Taylor LOFT Jeweled Collar Cotton Sweatshirt here
Jeans: Old Navy "Rock Star" Zip Ankle Skinny Jeans 
Shoes: Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's here
Bracelets: J. Crew Factory Square Stone Bracelet here and Forever 21

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  1. I got this same top! I ended up sizing up to make it more sweatshirt-y, but I like this more slenderized look on you!


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