Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Two Way Tuesday: Statement Tees

If there's one trend that I have really latched on to, it's the statement tee trend! In fact, I don't know what I would do without them! Apparently, I'm not alone in my love and adoration for statement tees because I posted a pic of this outfit on Instagram today and expressed sentiments similar to the ones mentioned above and many people were in agreement with me regarding their obsession with the statement tee! So for this installment of "Two Way Tuesday" I am showing two different statement tees and how I've styled them, starting with this "Sul mare a Capri" tee.

I think this particular statement tee goes to illustrate a couple of things. First, many of the statement tees in my collection contain sayings in foreign languages. I try my best to translate what these tees say but, to be honest, it's usually the color scheme or graphic rather than the words that makes the tee so appealing. Second, both this look and the next one illustrate that nothing pairs better with a statement tee than a cute graphic skirt! Statement tees are a good way to dress down a skirt and make it more casual and fun!

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My next statement tee has no cute images or graphics but it does list some of my favorite places along the coast of California! I love that many statement tees evoke a laid back vacation vibe, which is definitely where my mindset is at with only a couple weeks left in the school year! This particular tee lists not only places that I am very familiar with but also places that I just might have to visit again during summer vacation!

Once again, I've paired this statement tee with a fun printed skirt. Here I'm pairing my coastal tee with a floral skirt, which is currently on sale at J. Crew. I love all of the colorful flowers in the skirt's print, which creates endless styling possibilities just like how this tee inspires one with the endless possibilities of where one might vacation this summer!

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