Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Skirt for All Seasons

Summer is rapidly approaching and with that comes certain shifts in one's wardrobe. It's nice, though, to find pieces such as this art deco print skirt that transcend seasons and can really be worn all year round. In fact, this versatility is one of the first things that drew me to the skirt, although the real selling point was, obviously, the amazing print! It's colorful, modern and classic, which is a combination that's right up my alley!

Since the weather here has been a touch on the cooler side, I'm wearing it with a light pink sweater and some leopard accents in the form of my clutch and shoes. As we move into some warmer months, I will look forward to trying out the skirt with a sleeveless top or a statement tee. Flashing forward to fall and winter, I can also see this same skirt paired with a heavy sweater and tights. I suppose, however, that I should probably just take it one season at a time! For now, I think I'm pretty content to just focus on the upcoming lazy months of summer!

Skirt: J. Crew here
Sweater: J. Crew here
Shoes: J. Crew similar leopard pumps here
Bag: Clare V.

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  1. Suxh a pretty and colorful look. Of course, I would expect that :-) You always have such colorful outfit and they look great. I love the different mix of patterns too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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