Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jumpsuit for Fall

If there's one article of clothing that I never thought I would own, it would be a jumpsuit! I forget exactly when the jumpsuit became fashionable and trendy, maybe a few years ago, but I am certainly happy that I finally jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon! This particular jumpsuit from Red Dress Boutique is absolutely perfect for fall. I love the goldenrod color and the print that features tiny, playful dots. It also has a slightly dressier silhouette, which makes it extra special!

So while I just sung the virtues of the jumpsuit in the first part of this post, I will have to say that they do have one drawback and that's getting them on and off, especially when it is time to go to the bathroom! This one has a zipper in the back and I needed a little help from my husband to get it fully zipped up when I initially put it on. The day I wore this, he and I went out to lunch and shopping and I found myself in the dressing room of a store by myself, wanting to try on some things. I wasn't sure if I could unzip it myself but where there's a will (or a sale at Anthropologie) there's a way! I did reach around and got it un-zipped because I'm fairly flexible but I walked out with it only partially zipped up! Luckily, my husband was waiting outside of the store for me ready to finish the job! I guess this is just a small price to pay for such a chic jumpsuit!

Jumpsuit: c/o Red Dress Boutique here
Shoes: J. Crew similar red flats here
Bag: Clare V. here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

On Top of the World

I am so glad that Anthropologie is continuing their 52 Conversations line of prints for fall! In fact, I'm so hooked on this line from Anthro that I usually buy the same blouse in at least two or three prints! Take, for example, this tie blouse featuring hot air balloons in a print they call "On Top of the World"I also bought the same shirt with tigers on it! (You'll probably see it featured next week on my blog, so stay tuned because it's amazing!) Yes, I am definitely addicted to these prints but they are just too adorable, quirky and whimsical to pass up!

I paired my new balloon print blouse with velvet pants in a rich purple jewel tone. I absolutely love these velvet pants so much so that, like the blouse, I own multiple pairs in different colors! I have to say that I'm really enjoying this cooler weather we've been having. It's nice that it finally feels like fall and thus I can finally start wearing some of my fall wardrobe! In fact, it even rained this weekend, which was a nice change of pace. I know that many people don't like the rain or the cooler weather but for me it makes me feel on top of the world, just like this amazing printed blouse!

Blouse: Anthropologie here
Pants: Old Navy here
Shoes: J. Crew
Bag: J. Crew
Necklace: c/o AUrate here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

There's No Wrong Time for Rainbow Stripes

I don't know how many posts I did last summer on rainbow stripes but it certainly was a lot! This fall, as the temperature cools down, rainbow stripes are definitely still as hot as ever. Take, for example, this halter top from Red Dress Boutique in a print they call "rainbow feels". Anything called "rainbow feels" has my name written all over it! Due to the fact that the top is sleeveless, it definitely would work for spring or summer but the black background of the print also makes it a bit more "fallish" in comparison to some of my other rainbow stripe items.

I decided that this top would work best with jeans and I realized that I haven't worn jeans in a while. During summer, I tend to wear more skirts and shorts because I find them to be cooler than jeans. I do, however, love these boyfriend style jeans because they are quite soft and so incredibly comfortable. I thought wearing them would be a good way to offset this fun and feminine top. Certainly, this outfit would be perfect to wear out on a fun Saturday night or, if you're boring like me and you seldom go out at night, you could just wear it for a casual lunch out during the day, which is exactly what I did last weekend. Without a doubt, as my title suggests, there's no wrong time of the year or the day for rainbow stripes!

Top: c/o Red Dress Boutique here
Jeans: Old Navy similar here
Shoes: J. Crew
Bag: Louis Vuitton here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Wow Factor

It's no secret that my closet is bursting at the seams. I definitely don't need more clothing and, for the most part, I have all the basics covered in my wardrobe (and then some!). I am making an effort to shop my closet more and to only buy clothes that make me say "wow!". This shift dress with these fun sunglasses clad faces definitely has that wow factor, so when I found it on sale last weekend at Anthropologie, I just had to add it to my closet!

When this dress came out over the summer, I was a bit on the fence about purchasing it because, while I adored the print, it looked a little short, it wasn't exactly inexpensive, and it didn't seem like it would be particularly practical. But, then again, there was that print! Truth be told, I kind of forgot about the dress but when I was perusing the sale rack at my local Anthropologie, I came across it and fell in love all over again! After trying it on, I realized that both the fit and length were perfect and, of course, it was on sale, making it impossible for me to say no! With the cooler months quickly approaching, I'll probably save the dress for Valentine's Day and pair it with tights and a sweater.

Speaking of things that have that wow factor, this wall is one of my favorites and I think it makes the perfect backdrop for my dress. Lately, I've been a little underwhelmed with some of my blog photos due to the fact that it's really hard to do photo shoots at "cool locations" because the school year has been a daunting one that leaves very little time for blogging. If I was a professional blogger, I would have a location scout and travel to all sorts of amazing places that perfectly complemented my outfit but, unfortunately, that's not real life! Real life is me trying to squeeze in a blog shoot sometime on the weekend or after school when I'm dead tired and feeling like a hot mess. This dress and backdrop, however, made me feel, if only for a moment, like the glamorous blogger I secretly aspire to be, yet know is not truly realistic!

Dress: Anthropologie here
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Mansur Gavriel here
Earrings:Charming Charlie similar here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Stroll Through the Gardens at the Huntington

I can't tell you the lengths that I went through to get this jumpsuit from H&M's collabroation with GP & J Baker! First, I ordered it and my order was canceled due to it no longer being in stock. Next, it came back in stock in my size and then H&M's website wasn't working, seemingly for days. Finally, I was able to purchase it and received my shipping confirmation but then it didn't arrive until almost a month later! Well, good things come to those who wait! The only problem? After such a dramatic build up, where should I debut my long awaited jumpsuit? Luckily for me, the week it arrived, I was going to attend an event at the Huntington Library and Gardens and their Chinese garden made for the perfect backdrop for this outfit!

I was also pondering what bag to pair with this look and, again, luckily my new green bamboo bag from Red Dress Boutique arrived just before the event and proved to be the perfect piece to accompany the jumpsuit! I have wanted one of these bags for the longest time but I never quite got around to getting one. When I saw this one in green, however, I immediately fell in love with it because it was a bit more unique than the standard neutral bamboo bags that are everywhere on Instagram lately. This bag definitely helped to bring out the Asian theme of my outfit and the location. All in all, it was the perfect look to take a stroll through the gardens at the Huntington, which is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles!

Jumpsuit: H&M here
Bag: c/o Red Dress Boutique here
Jacket: Target similar denim jacket here
Shoes: Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Prada here
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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pencil Prints Because Everyone Makes Mistakes!

Because I'm a teacher, it's only natural that I would gravitate to prints with pencils! What's the only thing better than a cute pencil print? A print with colored pencils on it! Sometimes I think I made a mistake with my career and should've chosen to become an art teacher as opposed to an English teacher. I didn't really think about all of the hours I would spend with a red pen, correcting essays and writing assignments! Still, there are aspects of the job that I absolutely love. To go along with the theme of pencils, I'm featuring some of the pencil prints I truly adore for fall. The great thing about all of these items is that wearing them definitely would not be considered a mistake in my book!

Speaking of mistakes, one mistake, albeit not one made by me, was this skirt. To make a long story short, I ordered this pleated skirt from Target a couple weeks ago. The only problem was that when I went to pick it up in store, it was the style but not the color I ordered! I had my heart set on getting the color block version of this skirt, only to find a bright pink one in my bag instead. You might think I would be angry or disappointed but I was actually happy because I realized I liked the pink one better! I guess sometimes mistakes can turn out for the best!

Skirt: Target here
Blouse: Anthropologie similar here
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold sandals here
Bag: J. Crew Factory similar clutch here
Sunglasses: Celine
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