Monday, July 13, 2020

Return to the Umbrellas

A couple of summers ago, my husband and I planned a trip to Redlands, California to take a tour of a historic house and eat out in the downtown area. (This was way back in the day when you could do stuff like that!) Well, lucky for me, Redlands is also the home of this amazing umbrella installation that we were also able to visit on our trip. We arrived at the location when the lighting was just right and the pictures turned out amazing, which is no small feat because the shadows of the umbrella make photography here difficult. A couple of weeks ago, we were driving out this way again and I planned another visit to see my beloved rainbow umbrellas. Unfortunately, this time around, the lighting was not as good and a new burger joint opened up in the alley, thus causing a lot of foot traffic in the area that wasn't there on our first visit. Regardless, I tried to make the best our of these less than ideal circumstances and was still able to get some okay photos from the experience.

Because I knew that we would be stopping at this umbrella alley, I decided to dress to match my surroundings because that's just what I do! This included donning my pink embellished sweater and tulle skirt. I also added these fun blue suede bow sandals that I got for a steal last year during one of J. Crew's summer sales. I thought the pink and blues of my outfit would nicely complement the various hues of the umbrellas in this installation. So, while I might not be over the moon about the conditions surrounding these photos, overall I can't complain. How can you be upset when you're surrounded by colorful umbrellas?

Top: Boden here
Skirt: H&M here
Shoes: J .Crew similar blue pumps here
Bag: J. Crew Factory similar clutch here
Sunglasses: Gucci here

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  1. Love how you dressed to match the venue. The outfit is adorable. Brilliant how those cute blue shoes pick up the color in the embroidery of the sweater. And what is not to love about a tulle skirt? The umbrellas are so colorful and pretty.Saw similar in Quebec a couple of years back.Cool how they leave a pattern on the walk way.


  2. What a cool umbrella display! I love it. And your outfit is perfectly suited to the background. Those sandals are amazing! Thanks for linking up.



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