Thursday, July 16, 2020

Restyling my Confetti Floral Skirt

Last month, I did a post on this pleated floral skirt in a print that J. Crew calls "Confetti Floral".  Because I love the skirt so much (and because it's also now on sale!), I decided I would do a new post featuring the skirt but restyle it in a new way! The first time I wore this skirt, I paired it with a pale yellow eyelet button down blouse. For this new incarnation, I swapped out the more "conservative" button down blouse for a fun red and white striped tee. I feel like it's been a while since I've done any pattern mixing and this skirt is perfect for playing with patterns!

I will digress for just a moment to share a funny anecdote about assembling this outfit. In my mind, I pictured this outfit with the red and white stripped tee but I had to dig into my drawer of striped tees to get just the one I needed. (Yes, I have an entire drawer of striped tees!) As I was doing this, I realized I had more red and white striped tees (both long and short sleeve) than I remembered so I took them all out to figure out which one would go best with the skirt. My husband came into the bedroom while I was sorting through them and was horrified at the sheer number of red and white striped tees strewn on the bed! Well, I then explained to him in a very detailed manner how each shirt was just different enough from the others to justify me owning it! My husband wasn't convinced of the differences or the need for so many red and white striped tees but it made sense to me and I am sure it would to many other women! I also argued that a lot of his dress shirts look the same but he disagreed. Regardless, it might be time for me to go through and purge some of my red and white striped tee collection!)

Getting back to how I restyled the outfit, the other difference in this look are a bit more subtle. For example, I swapped out my "signature" white sunglasses for these red heart ones. I also recently acquired a matching headband in the same confetti floral print so I added it to the mix. One thing that I did keep the same was my Kate Spade camera bag. Due to the color and the whimsy of the bag, I really feel like it was made for this skirt! Overall, I'm going to try to be better about restyling some of the pieces I already have in my wardrobe because, as the story above proves, I definitely have too many clothes!

Skirt: J. Crew here
Top: H&M similar striped top
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold sandals here
Bag: Kate Spade here and here
Sunglasses: YSL almost identical version here

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  1. This is such a fun outfit from head to toe! That skirt is everything!

  2. I love this pattern mix! And that skirt is amazing. I have a huge collection of denim that my husband finds redundant and I have tried multiple times to explain how each pair of jeans is different and serves a valuable purpose in my wardrobe. He doesn't get it! Ha. Thanks for linking up.


  3. This skirt is stunning. You wear it very well. It looks great with the striped top. Btw, did you see, you became Top of the World OOTD some weeks ago?

  4. Beautiful skirt, looks wonderful with the red striped shirt. So colorful and interesting! Your bag is precious! I was looking for a KS bag that was a white dalmation dog in wicker, so cute. Love the aprapo camera!
    jess xx
    thanks for linking!


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