Thursday, April 3, 2014

The French Connection

I am reaching way back this week to a skirt that I bought almost a decade ago. My husband asked me if it was new and this time (instead of lying) I could say with confidence that this was definitely "old". I found the skirt along with some other French Connection pieces folded in a box of clothes that I haven't really touched for whatever reason since moving from NYC to L.A.

Whatever happened to French Connection anyway? I know they are still around, and I see the brand in Macy's, but it definitely doesn't seem to be as hot as it was a decade ago. Perhaps you might remember those FCUK shirts with all the "clever" sayings incorporating the racy abbreviation of the company's initials into cheeky slogans emblazoned across plain T-shirts.

Well, I fondly remember French Connection, at least for a few seasons when they seemed to come out with a lot of fun playful prints like this one. This was when I lived in NYC. In fact, I even remember the summer when I bought this skirt. I was in graduate school and I idled away one summer working part time at Anthropologie. This was a mistake because it was a.) Anthropologie and b.) located in SoHo, home of some really killer stores. I would spend my time working at Anthropologie, mostly shopping the store along with the customers or walking around shops, such as French Connection during my lunch break. (I clearly didn't make any money that summer!)

This skirt was the result of a really epic sale that French Connection had. I had wanted this skirt and a few other pieces for a while and when they went on clearance, plus an extra percentage off, I came back during my lunch break with a big bag full of French Connection stuff. I guess some things never change! At least I am now having fun discovering them again and pairing them with new things.

So, I know I have asked this questions before, but have you discovered any treasures in the back of your closet or packed away in boxes? Are there any brands that you think back to and remember as being cool, that you're no longer interested in or perhaps have faded into fashion obscurity?

Skirt: French Connection
Sweater: J. Crew
Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: J. Crew Valentina in Mirror 
Necklace: J. Crew Crystal Droplets 


  1. This goes against being streamlined, but in fashion, everything is cyclical so we should really be keeping all our clothes, because in a few years it'll be back in style again (or we "rediscover" it and fall in love again!)

    Lovely skirt on you!

    1. I totally agree. In the past I used to donate or sell a lot of my old clothes, following the " if you don't wear it for a year get rid of it rule." Now I try to hold on to more stuff because I find myself plagued with regret and missing some of the stuff that I gave away years later!

  2. This skirt is really beautiful - I can see why you've kept it!

    I remember eons ago when everyone was into Esprit. Bwahahha.

    1. I remember Esprit too! Actually, they had some really cute stuff. I think they may still be big in Europe/Asia, but perhaps that was a long time ago too!


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