Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another Random Day in L.A.

There's so much to do in L.A. There's touristy stuff, artsy stuff and then there's off the beaten path stuff. I really enjoy it all, but all too often I find myself resigned to spend weekends close to home, piddling around the house, watching movies or reading a book. This weekend I got out a little in the L.A. sun, to do a few random things including a visit to the Bob Baker Puppet theater and Phillipe's.

So before I delve into my excursion, I wanted to explain a few things about my outfit. I am trying to pick at random one piece of clothing, preferably one I haven't worn in a long time or one that I have but always in the same way, and reinvent it. Today I picked this sweater purchased about 4 or 5 years ago from Anthropologie. I don't even know what it's called, but it features a bouquet of flowers around the collar. The sweater combined with my Anthro "Blotted Cord" skirt received a lot of compliments, so I guess my dressing at random strategy is working.

So the purpose of our visit to L.A. today was to see a puppet show at the Bob Baker Marionette theater. If you're a kid it is a fun place to have a party, if you're an adult it's sort of a surreal experience. Bob Baker has been making puppets for basically his whole life. He turned ninety today, so this show was in honor of his birthday, hence the decorations that festoon the outside of the theater.

My husband actually took me here two years ago for my 30th birthday and the puppets sang happy birthday and gave me a crown. It's just the kind of random thing that is right up my alley.


The puppet show, as I said previously, is a bit of a surreal experience. I am not sure what my five year old self would think of all of it. Would I be amazed or would I start crying? To be honest some of the songs and situations are definitely geared more towards adults. There's a 10 minute segment of the show that's essentially about a Parisian Bordello. The cat puppet in the one picture sings a song about how she'll purr for others, but really she just loves her "daddy". I think you get the point. Well, here are some of the puppets. They move around pretty fast so it's hard to get a good shot.

Before the pageantry of the puppet show, we had to grab a bite to eat. We decided we were in the mood for a beef dip, or in the case of my husband, a lamb dip sandwich. If you are in the area there's no better place to get one then Phillipe's. Opened in 1908, Phillipe's is a real part of L.A. history and claims to have invented the beef dip sandwich. Actually, there is a big fight over whether or not they invented the beef dip sandwich or if it was Cole's down the street, but I don't really care, just as long as mine comes with plenty of Aus Jus. Truth be told, I am a pretty big fan of beef dip sandwiches and I have a list of all of the ones I've had from different restaurants with a ranking system. I guess that's just another random fact about me! If you're wondering, Phillipe's ranks near the top.


  1. Looks like a fun (albeit interesting) day - and those sandwiches look amazing!

  2. Ummm these two anthro pieces are adorable! So glad you pulled them back out to style them! And, I won't lie, those puppets sort of freaked me out, but it's cool that he's such an institution haha


    1. Thanks Kaitlin! The puppets are really freaky, but the kids really seem to like them. They make me a little nervous to be honest!

  3. Black, white and red!!!! Can't get much better. I love this look :)

    Megan Ann

    1. Thanks Megan! Black, white and red is definitely one of my favorite color combos too!


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