Thursday, February 6, 2014

Parisian Picks

This spring, the fashion world is enamored with and inspired by the city of lights and love: Paris. Well, it is the fashion capital of the world after all, so why not use it as a muse? Speaking of which, my sweater is supposed to depict a Parisian woman or at least I assumed as much given that the sweater was named, "La Parisienne" by J. Crew. The subject of this woman's nationality ignited a debate at work as many felt that her style was more Russian than Parisian. I think the big furry hat might be where the Russian idea stems from.

Since we are on the subject of Paris, here are a few of my Parisian inspired picks for this spring. As I said, everyone from J. Crew to Kate Spade appear to be cashing in on the concept of Paris in the spring time. These are my favorites from all the French flavored offerings on the market of late:

J. Crew French Print Popover $88

This popover shirt from J. Crew features all the good things that Paris has to offer on a playful print. Croissants, poodles, cheese and Champagne? Oui Please! 

 Madewell Bien Fait Sweatshirt ($75) here

I really, really want a sweatshirt or sweater that contains something cheeky in French. I seem to see them everywhere and I feel a little left out not owning one. This one from Madewell is one of my favorites. "Well done" you say? That pretty much describes my nightmare when it comes to ordering steak. Regardless, I would pair this with a fluffy midi skirt or my tulle ballet skirt.

Paris and the Single Girl Kate Spade Clutch ($328) here

I have long wanted one of these book clutches from Kate Spade. I particularly like the cover of this one. The disembodied lips have a surrealist feel that I rather like!


  1. I love the Parisian print and the whole look you have going on here!

    1. Thanks Laura! I really want to pull the trigger and purchase the J. Crew Paris print shirt! Especially with the current sale they are having right now for an extra 25% off all purchases :)


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