Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting a Jump Start

While it isn't Valentine's Day just yet, it is just a day away. I thought I would get a jump start on the holiday with this asymmetrical heart print sweater purchased last year at Target. Many people took a look at my sweater today and said something along the lines of, "What a cute outfit" followed by "You should have waited until tomorrow to wear it." Well, little do they know I have plenty of heart themed things stashed in my closet, so I will have something else to wear tomorrow which will also have some variation of hearts on it.

You would think given all the hearts hanging in my closet that Valentine's Day would be a big deal to me. In reality I don't make that much fuss over the day and neither does my husband. My husband and I have been together quite a few years now and we have never gone out. It's our tradition to stay in and cook together. In fact my husband is at the store right now buying the groceries. Tomorrow he will make the entree and I will make dessert. It's a perfect combination and an equitable distribution if you ask me!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you stay in? Go out? Wear hearts and dress up? Hang around in sweatpants cooking? Or is it just another day to you?

Heart Sweater: Target
Shirt: J. Crew "Tilda"
Skirt: J. Crew Factory Floral Pencil Skirt
Bag: J. Crew Edie in Casablanca Blue
Shoes: Nine West

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