Sunday, April 7, 2013

Minty Fresh

I don't know about my breath, but my nails and shirt for today are both minty fresh. Every season there is always an "it' color, and if I had to say, for this spring it seems to be mint green. I rather like this color and all of the other pastel, cotton candy hues out this spring. Like eating too much candy, I'll probably be sick of them come next year (or maybe not) but it is always fun to indulge a little bit in certain trends.

The J. Crew Boy Shirt in Mint Strawberry plaid is a good transitional piece of lightweight plaid/flannel in spring colors.  Since the weather has been vacillating back and forth a bit, its a perfect piece to bridge the seasonal gap. Also it's not too saccharin so that it will not look dated when mint is no longer the flavor of the month.

With the pastel theme I wore the J. Crew Edie in Hyacinth, throwing a little lavender into the mix. You will also see a close up of my nails in Essie's Mint Candy Apple. It's not a perfect paint job, but oh well. I guess they're sort of Wabi Sabi which is a Japanese term for acceptance of imperfections.


  1. i really love the color and style of that plaid. it looks great paired with jeans and your cute flats!

    1. Thanks Hedi! This is also one of my favorite patterns and color combinations of plaid, especially for spring.

  2. There it is....LOVE it! and even better that your shoes and nails match!! :o)


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