Monday, April 8, 2013

An Ikea Adventure of Epic Proportions

Ikea never ceases to amaze me. Last year I read an article (I forget in which publication) about the Japanese and their love of spending the day at Ikea. The gist of the article was basically that many don't buy anything (at least not furniture wise), but instead adore just hanging out in the store and maybe having a meal or a snack. The truth is, this isn't a half bad way to kill an afternoon.

Yesterday my husband and I had a legitimate reason for venturing to our nearest Ikea, as we needed some media storage and didn't want to spend a lot, and Ikea is just the place for such things. Instead of buying what we came in for (we are still trying to decide if we want the Kilby or the Billy or some other random named bookshelf), we bought a bunch of little odds and ends and had lunch.

The odds and ends that we came back with are so colorful and adorable that I thought I would feature them here, since I love to "live colorfully." We also had an incredible Swedish "feast" fit for a king, a Swedish king, consisting of meatballs and lingonberry sauce. I really do love eating at the Ikea cafeteria; I would go there just for the incredible culinary delights at a bargain price.

Check out my fun Ikea finds below, most of which are perfect for Spring/Summer and/or opening your very own Tiki Bar!

Flamingo and pineapple glasses, only .99 cents! These glasses are made in France and really cute for all of your tropical drink needs. Cuba Libre and Mai Tai, not included, but if you have a husband who can act as bartender then you're all set. If you remember I lamented the death of my most favorite Tiki Bar here in L.A., the Bahooka Lounge, but since then have found a small way to bring that experience home with these glasses.

Tropical colored plastic straws, a mere $1.99.  Perfect for sipping up a tropical summer drink such as the Mai Tai shown above. They are a great compliment to my flamingo/pineapple glasses.  Why can't Ikea also sell the little umbrellas too? I looked all over for these yesterday to no avail.

Doggy plastic container, a modest $2.99. I think this will be great to carry lunch in, not that I ever make lunch for work, but maybe I'll start? Sure, this doggy plastic container was located in the children's section of Ikea, but why should kids have all the fun?

Markers (Made in Italy), only $1.99. Go to any art supply store and try to find such a bargain. European or American made markers are usually quite expensive. Ikea also had paints and other art supplies (also in the kids section), which are all made in Italy.

The dish towel, which compliments these markers and the rest of my finds quite nicely, is also from Ikea. It was only $2.99 which is another great value, although maybe not the best of my Ikea bargains. Anyway, now I am having another craving for some Swedish meatballs, maybe I'll go back next weekend?


  1. too funny, i was at an ikea this weekend too. some friends were in town buying a couch and i tagged along! i wasn't looking for anything in p-articular either, but ended up buying a new dish set (for $15!), some wooden hangers, and a little plant (i love ikea's little plants, they are perfect for a small windowsill or my desk at work). i have been tempted by those straws in the past too!

    1. I guess it was an Ikea weekend for everyone! Sounds like you found some great things there too.

  2. umm..pens and glasses? sign me up!

    1. Pens and fun glasses are certainly a winning combination!


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