Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Clockwork Orange

Let me preface this by stating that this entry has nothing to do with the movie or novel A Clockwork Orange. Like the author, Anthony Burgess, I just like the oxymoronic ring to the name, conjuring up something natural and organic juxtaposed to something mechanical and artificial. The only thing this title has to do with my entry is that I wore the J. Crew perfect shirt in citrus print today. As a girl who writes a blog featuring mainly photos of herself next to an orange tree, I knew this shirt was meant for me.

Due to its mixed reviews online, I thought perhaps this shirt would make it to the sale, however it sold out (at least in my size) rather quickly. Luckily I used my "system" to purchase it before it sold out. My system is to put items I want into my shopping cart and then periodically check to see if they are listed as "a few in stock." I like this feature on the website as it seems to benefit both consumer and company alike. For the consumer it lets you know about things that might sell out so you don't miss out. For the company it allows them to use fear mongering to get customers such as myself to buy stuff. Everyone wins!

Anyhow, my review of this shirt is that it does have thin fabric (a complaint of many) but it is a nice weight for spring/summer and gives a slightly dressy feel to the shirt due to being a blend of cotton and silk. As with all "perfect shirts" I took my usual size 2, as they are more fitted than the "boy shirt styles" which I take a 0 or even 00 in. This shirt works nicely with jeans, but I would love to pair it with a classic blue blazer or navy skirt to dress it up a little for work. (Both of which I must add to my wardrobe, as they are great staples but conspicuously missing from my hoard of clothing.) Today I went the jeans route, with my Epi Alma in Menthe and brown ballet flats. My husband commented that I looked like an orange tree.  I guess I'm in camo.

Luckily these pictures were taken after my "incident" which I will now elaborate on. Today I was at Target and a woman bumped into me with her frappuccino from Starbucks. Well, it spilled all over this shirt. Being a shy, mild mannered person, I grimaced at her half-hearted apology and then scurried off to the bathroom. While I was wiping away the brown sticky mess from my shirt I was fuming mad and imagining a not so yellow-bellied version of myself confronting the wanton drink spiller, however I composed myself and went to buy what I came in for, orange juice.

Below is a close up of a few oranges from our yard. We actually make our own orange juice due to the abundance of citrus, but I always like to buy some and have it in the fridge for weekday mornings. When you're in a rush there is little time for the fresh squeezed stuff. 


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