Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Bloom and On Target

Spring it seems, is here to stay (although it's unusually muggy) and flowers are popping up everywhere. Today I went to downtown Claremont to admire the new blossoms and to have a picnic. My skirt, which is from Target reflects the season with flowers in a myriad of colors. I think the cotton fabric and drawstring makes this the perfect picnic attire, due to its casual sensibility. To mix it up just a bit I added a sprinkling of dots courtesy my J. Crew "Boy Shirt" in dot print. When ordering this shirt online I was somehow under the impression that the dots would be black, but it turns out they are blue. I decided blue is better and more versatile, so it all worked out.

Here are some pictures from my picnic excursion. Claremont is a beautiful city to begin with and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the flowers and cherry blossoms decorating the place with their vivid blossoms and a canopy of pink.

Last, here is my lunch. Claremont is home to many quaint and cute restaurants including a place called The Cheese Cave. They make yummy cheese sandwiches daily for lunch featuring their exquisite cheese. Being a cheese monger, I am naturally drawn to this place like bees to a hive. Today I had a ricotta and salami sandwich which was scrumptious. There are many places to sit back and picnic outside in Claremont and many of the views featured above were taken as I was munching on my sandwich.

Outfit: Shirt: J. Crew Boy Shirt (here), Skirt: Target/ Merona (here), Clutch: J. Crew Factory Vero Clutch (here), Shoes: J. Crew (Old, as in last year. So not really old, but just unavailable!)


  1. those blooming trees are just gorgeous! i envy your warmer weather all the time - this week has been overcast and rainy so i've been huddled inside with a book during lunch breaks.
    i've been eying that button down too! looks great on you with the fun skirt.

    1. Yes, it's nice to have the warm weather, although I sometimes miss cool overcast weather! You should get the dot shirt. I bought it on sale, plus 25% off, but now it seems to be regular price. I hate when they do that.


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