Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pastel Peplum and Ice Cream Cones

Today was a perfect day for peplum and a scoop of ice cream. While I didn't actually eat any ice cream (although maybe I'll have some later!) I did wear one around my neck. The charm adorning my neck today is part of my Tiffany charm collection. My charm collection usually grows with each new holiday as it is somewhat of a tradition for my husband to buy me one for Christmas or Valentine's Day. I believe he gave me this one for my birthday last year. With all of these charms you would think I would opt to put them on a bracelet, but instead I decided to get a charm bracelet from Fossil and keep these for necklaces to prevent them from being damaged or banged up.

This peplum top from H&M has the perfect pastel colors to match my delicious scoop of ice cream. At $17.95 the top was a great deal, plus I also used a coupon on it for 20% off. I think I've given this tip before, but H&M sends out coupons if you join their mailing list. I guess I saved enough on this top to buy a real ice cream cone! The pastel sweater is also from H&M and I believe it was only $14.95. I always love H&M for trendy items or items in colors that are very "of the moment." My husband thought this top was from J. Crew at first, but upon closer inspection and feeling the fabric he realized it wasn't. That's okay with me, as I think it still looks good, and I don't think anyone else will be touching it except for him!


  1. this outfit is spring perfection! i so wish i could wear peplum. but you look outstanding in this - and the necklace is adorable!

    1. Thank you Laura! I'm so happy that it's starting to feel like spring here.


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