Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bright Spot

Hopefully everyone has a bright spot in their day or something to look forward to. Perhaps something that is simple, yet pleasurable after a long day of work. With the warm sunny weather lately my bright spot is taking William to the park and running him around when I get home. It is amazing how excited a dog will get over something as simple as going for a walk. Perhaps we could all learn something from that? Another bright spot is sitting on my patio with my husband to read, enjoy a glass of wine, and unwind after work.

My outfit for today is also bright and contains spots, hence today's title. The J. Crew "Big Shot Dot" skirt was one of my favorite skirts from last year's spring/summer collection. You can find a similar version of this polka dot skirt on the J. Crew factory website, but I see that it's no longer available. (Perhaps it's still in stores?) Since it is relatively cold in the mornings, I put on a comfy cashmere sweater in neon pink. 

I hope everyone is having a bright and relaxing afternoon/evening. I think William is waiting for his walk (he doesn't really understand the blog) so off I go!


  1. my bright spot is always going home and seeing our kitty excited to see us - and even better when the three of us snuggle. :)
    i really like the pink paired with this skirt!

  2. Always, always look forward to unwinding at home after a long day at work! ;) The pink cardigan is definitely bright, as is the clutch! Love those flats, btw. :)


    1. Thanks Faux ionista! I think everyone loves unwinding after a long day!


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