Thursday, March 14, 2013

Popular Pants

Some items released by designers are so popular they just "fly" off the racks. This seemed to be the case with anything and everything in the collection hummingbird floral print at J. Crew. The day these items were released on the J. Crew website almost every piece seemed to sell out within hours. My first choice was to purchase the pencil skirt in the hummingbird print, but this was already sold out in every size when I discovered it. I opted for the silk Cafe Capri pants in the hummingbird print instead, which were rapidly selling out. Luckily I had the coupon for an extra 20% off any purchase which made the price a little more palatable.

Just in case these pop back up on the website and you're curious about sizes, I think these are fairly TTS. I usually size down to a 0 in the Cafe Capri pants, but they didn't have that size left, so I went for the 2 which is my normal size. These seemed to be the right fit, not too tight, but not loose.

I always love to comment on the stories concocted around each print featured at J. Crew. Apparently these pants were based on illustrations from a Time Life nature book. I can definitely see the influence here. My only question is where are the hummingbirds? I was looking very carefully at the details in the print and I see butterflies and parrots, but the hummingbirds are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they flew off the shelves too!


 Here's my proof about the print. Below you will see a parrot and a butterfly, but where's the hummingbird?

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  1. Perhaps they were hoping that no one would notice with all the floral & animal print? ;) It's a beautiful print nonetheless and the pumps look so fun although I'd never imagine myself wearing THAT much glitter!


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