Tuesday, January 8, 2013

California's Blues

Today my chosen palette was comprised of shades of blues, offset by a little black and and touch of orange. I rather like the way the black and white pattern of the "Snow Cat" print looks underneath this particular "Tiffany" blue sweater. Likewise, I thought the black and white stripes of my trench offset the brilliant blue of my skirt. The color, to be precise, is "Festival Blue." My husband said I looked like a leopard wrapped up in a zebra due to the patterns found in my shirt and trench coat!

In the photo, the color of my shoes does not look at all like it does in real life. In real life, the the J . Crew Janey Patent flats in Neon Persimmon are truly neon orange...BLINDING neon orange! So much so, I'm pretty sure they glow in the dark. Apparently the color was too much for our camera to handle and came out to be a much more subdued color. At least the camera didn't explode! The heel in the last pic is the most accurate representation of the actual color of the shoes.

On a sad note, the blue in my blog title also reflects my state of mind after learning about the death of a Californian legend, TV personality and host of California's Gold, among other public television shows, Huell Howser. If you don't live in California (or even if you do, but don't watch KCET, which is a channel that I presume is geared towards more of the "senior crowd") you might not know anything about Huell Howser. Huell Howser found inspiration in the simple things that California has to offer. He spent his career traveling to the hidden gems or "gold" found in this state and joyfully shared his findings with viewers.

While I have sort of a love hate relationship with California, watching these shows inspired me to not only get out and explore my Californian surroundings a little bit more,  but also to have a more positive, optimistic view of these surroundings and life in general. Huell famously claimed with awe that everything he encountered was "amazing," be it a museum devoted to bunnies or lint, a goat named Clementine, the Hearst Castle Neptune pool, or a lady collecting trash in her front yard and painting it to be art. (Huell lost a pair sunglasses in all of her "art.") Truly, Huell was on a genuine mission to discover and celebrate things most would pass off as mundane. So even if you don't know Huell or if you never watched his show, you can still learn a little from his outlook on life, his legacy and his spirit. Here is Huell in an orange grove, much like me, celebrating California's Gold.


  1. I didn't know that Huell passed away today! I remember watching his show and his enthusiasm for whatever he was exploring. I teach CA history, so I think it is wonderful to explore our surroundings and history of our state.

    The colors in this outfit are beautiful. I keep wanting to tuck in my sweater whenever I wear a skirt, but after seeing your post I'm going to try to resist the urge to do so!

    1. Thanks M! I really love the Huell episodes on the history of California. He did a great series on the missions here.

  2. Lovely tribute to huell! And love the blues in this outfit - they compliment each other so well


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