Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So, Where Do the Ducks Go in the Winter?

"The funny thing is, though, I was sort of thinking of something else while I shot the bull. I live in New York, and I was thinking about the lagoon in Central Park, down near Central Park South. I was wondering if it would be frozen over when I got home, and if it was, where did the ducks go. I was wondering where the ducks went when the lagoon got all icy and frozen over. I wondered if some guy came in a truck and took them away to a zoo or something. Or if they just flew away."

Just in case it's been a while since your last high school English class, the above quote is uttered by the misanthropic, yet in my opinion, lovable Holden Caulfield in J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye.  As many of you may remember (or perhaps want to forget) Holden wanders around New York City aimlessly criticizing the phonies and corruption of the world while pondering life's big questions such as where the ducks go in the winter. Well Holden, they are here on my skirt! While Holden might find my skirt to be "phony" I hope you will enjoy these delightful ducks which are floating on a pond of corduroy.

The duck skirt is a relic from Anthropologie's past, but my sweater is new, although it looks like an old classic. It is the J. Crew Popcorn sweater. This sweater would be perfect for wandering around Central Park trying to find the ducks! I am "hold"ing on to my red hunting hat because it is Holden's most iconic piece of wardrobe and yet another significant symbol in the novel.

Outfit: Sweater: J. Crew, Skirt: Anthropologie, Blouse: J. Crew, Tights: Vera by Vera Wang, Shoes: Pink Studio

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  1. such a fun outfit katie! i love the color of your tights too :)


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