Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Deal! (Kind Of)

This is the J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in Garden Floral which I bought this weekend for a mere $26. I think it retailed for $134. The shirt is Anthropologie from last year. I think I paid about $15.00 for that, another great deal! 

I wore this to a get together with my husband's family. They don't get very dressed up for anything, but I usually try to make an effort and so does my husband. I am not sure why I love getting dressed up so much, maybe it's because I just really love fashion. I long for the days when people use to wear hats to go out and ladies would wear gloves to go on a plane. Maybe that is a little bit extreme, but it would be nice if we all made more of an effort to dress up!

So my shirt and skirt are the bargain part of my outfit. The handbag is the LV Epi Alma in Figue. My shoes are Louboutin Delico 85mm in yellow. In all fairness, I did get the shoes on sale last year during Barney's summer sale. I think they were 40% off so that isn't too bad, right?  I think they look very glamorous next to the pooper scooper!

I really, really liked the new colors released this year by LV for their Epi Alma line. They reminded me of the colors I used in art class in first grade when I was learning about complementary colors. Back then I painted a picture of a purple squirrel with a yellow background. Purple is still my favorite color and probably always will be. I love the way purple looks against bright yellow or green which is my second favorite color. Well, I guess my love of colors hasn't changed! Anyway, here is my collection of LV Epi Alma Bags. I went a little nuts-o collecting them in various colors! 


  1. Oooh katie, I love the skirt paired with the green!

    1. Thank you so much makeupandpearls! With this skit it was hard to decide which color to go with! I am glad you like it!


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