Monday, June 18, 2012

Random OOTD and the Jackie Cardigan

I wore this outfit last week at some point. I love this particular color combination of orange/red, turquoise, and black and white. The cardigan I am wearing is the Jackie Cardigan from you guessed it... J.Crew! I have the Jackie Cardigan in more colors than I can count because it is so versatile. Whenever I see a new color go on sale I snatch it up! 

The rest of my outfit is also from J.Crew. The skirt is the button front linen twill skirt and shoes are the classic J.Crew ballet flats. The ballet flats are another staple that I recommend stocking up on from J.Crew. They come in a fun array of colors, they are made in Italy (still) and if you play your cards right you can pick them up for $70-60. My only complaint is since the soles are leather and I wear them so much, they get pretty beat up after a while. 

Here is a picture without the cardigan. The top is from Target! 


  1. I'm drooling over your handbag! The color is marvellous :)

  2. Thanks Victoria! The Figue color is one of my all time favorites in the Epi line!


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