Sunday, July 18, 2021

With a Cherry On Top

Last week, I posted hitting the sale rack at Anthropologie and this week I am continuing the theme of great things that I have found on sale at Anthro! Today, I'm posting about this adorable sequin cherry top that I just recently ordered online from Anthro. While I was on the fence about whether or not to get this top, I'm really happy that I did because, when it arrived in the mail, I realized it's so much cuter in person than in pictures with its sequin and embroidered cherry details and ruffle sleeves! It's also a versatile top that can probably be worn throughout the year, at least here in California. Here I'm wearing the top with these purple shorts that I picked up on sale at J. Crew. (Yes, I have been hitting all of the sales this summer!) I also opted for a pair of gingham flats to accessorize my summer outfit. For work in the fall, I might pair the blouse with a pair of gingham pants because I think cherries and gingham are a perfect pairing!

As I previously mentioned, in addition to the cherries, one of the cute things about this top that makes it unique is, obviously, the ruffle sleeves. I would like to note that it was rather windy while taking these pictures and the sleeves were a bit problematic for photographs because they kept blowing up in the wind and hitting me in the face! (Maybe I should post a few of the outtakes!) I would say that if you live someplace where it is very windy and plan to be outside a lot, perhaps this is not the top for you, but otherwise I would highly recommend it!

Top: Anthropologie here
Shorts: J. Crew here
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  1. That top is such a great Anthro find! It's adorable and so fun paired with the lavender shorts!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Those shorts look so good on you! I absolutely love that fun cherry top! Darling outfit!


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