Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Rainbow Tie Top

A lot of the looks I feature on my blog tend to be on the more dressy side with a lot of skirts and dresses. Today I decided to feature a look that is more casual, yet still colorful! This striped tie-front shirt from Old Navy is a good example of the type of thing I like to wear when just running errands or getting a quick lunch out. I love how the top is both colorful, casual and super cute; it's the perfect thing to wear in the summer with jeans! If you love this rainbow stripe fabric, Old Navy also makes it in a dress, skirt and sleeveless top. While there are so many cute options from which to choose, I love the adorable detail of the tie in the front of this top!

While I am wearing this top as a dressed down look, I did opt for some purple pumps with kitten heels. I love wearing these types of shoes with skirts and dresses but also jeans when I want to look a little bit more polished. This look would also work with sneakers or sandals, but I guess I still wanted to be just a little "fancy"!

Top: Old Navy here

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  1. I love your blog and your look! Great striped top: ordering today. :)

    After living forever in the Bay Area and Sac, we're in Atlanta now. (But my extended family is in SoCal.

    Wendy at

  2. Our tyheme for next month is stripes, so I hpe you would like to join us!

  3. It is such a cute top, Katie! I love the way you have styled it with jeans and dressier shoes, too. Andy of Pearls and Pantsuits just shared the same top with Bermuda shorts which was super cute, too! And yes, like Nancy said, won't you join us for the Good Buy/Good-Bye Book next month for our Stripes theme!


  4. I just love this casual chic look on you! That top is super cute!


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