Thursday, March 28, 2019

Palm and Pink

Sometimes you see an item of clothing and you just know that you need it right away! That's how I felt when I discovered this cute palm skirt! Usually, I like to wait for sales but this skirt was under $100 and it was so adorable that I was afraid that it might sell out before hitting the sale rack, so I purchased it immediately! Although I can imagine pairing the skirt with many different tops, the first thing that popped into my mind was to do something with a pink blouse. Pink and green make for the perfect spring combination of colors, in my opinion! Luckily, I just recently purchased this stripped button down blouse from Target, so it was the perfect match for my new palm skirt!

For the bag, I had to go with something to play up the tropical feel of the skirt. What better option than this green bamboo bag? I got this bag last year and while it isn't the most practical bag (my husband makes fun of it whenever I wear it and also likes to remind me of its impracticality!), it does go with a lot of my spring and summer wardrobe. I'm tempted to get one in another color, maybe a neutral color down the road, but I'm pretty happy with my choice of green for my first bag in this style. I look forward to wearing it with many more pink and green outfits in the future!

Skirt: Nordstrom here
Shirt: Target here
Bag: Red Dress Boutique here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
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  1. What a fun skirt! I love the pink and green combo! And I'm definitely a fan of that bag even though it's not the most
    Jeans and a Teacup

  2. That is the cutest palm skirt and it looks great paired with pink! It's giving me all the beach and summer vibes - love it.

    Maureen |

  3. Oh this is such a cute summer skirt! I love the palm print!

  4. I LOVE the cut of this skirt - so flattering and chic. I'll check that one out I think xx Maria

  5. LOVE this skirt!! I especially love it with the pink & white stripe shirt! So cute!!


  6. Wow, I love this skirt on you and the color/print is so fab! The bow detail is adorable and looks great with the pink. So fun to get a new bag for the Season, Ive never seen it in green!
    jess xx


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