Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Victorian Halloween

Last weekend, my husband and I visited Heritage Square Park in Los Angeles for their annual Halloween "mourning tour". During this event, one can visit the restored Victorian homes on the premises and learn about mourning rituals, cults, the dangers of wearing makeup during the era (yikes!) and the spread of influenza, among other scary things. It was a fun event because actors played the parts of actual people living during the time period and one could interact with them and ask questions. Personally, the scariest thing about the event was how hot it was on this day! It was nearly 100 degrees, which is definitely not the type of weather for wearing this long-sleeved tie neck blouse!

I purchased this dress a few months ago on the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which now feels like a distant memory! This dress was actually the only thing that I purchased from the sale, but I knew I would have to wait to wear it until the weather cooled down. Because that never really happened and because the dress has a somewhat vintage feel too it, I decided I should break it out and deal with the weather being somewhat hot and uncomfortable. I would say that, all things considered, my dress was a hit at the event, at least with the women who were reenacting a 1920s cult because they picked me out of all of the guests to join! They said I could have 10 husbands if I joined, to which I replied, "no thanks, one is more than enough!"

Below, you will see the details of one of the most stunning Victorian homes at Heritage Square Park. I love the details and also the color of the house, which just happened to match my dress perfectly! It seems like it could also be a spooky haunted house fit for a witch or a ghoul. In fact, many people there were bedight in all black goth outfits and other sundry dark costumes, but I was perfectly happy in my cheerful floral print frock!

Dress: Nordstrom/Halogen here
Shoes: Zara similar strappy black flats here
Bag: Gucci similar bag here
Sunglasses: Prada here
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  1. Your skin looks so beautiful Katie! What a perfect destination for this bright and beautiful dress. Can't believe how warm it still is there! xx Maria

  2. What a fun thing to do for Halloween! Even if it was a little too warm for your dress I'm glad you gave it a wear as it's so pretty! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week and a nice start to November! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. This is such a beautiful dress - what a great sale purchase! Kx

  4. Such a beautiful dress, I love the colours in the print

  5. Such a beautiful dress, I love the colours in the print. Fab shoes too! Sounds like a fun thing to do for Halloween! BTW, sorry for the previous comment - I caught the publish button before I'd finished typing!

    Emma xxx


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