Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Favorite Color

La Jolla near San Diego is one of my favorite places to visit.  When I learned about the "My Favorite Color" tile wall in La Jolla, I knew it would be the first stop next time I visited La Jolla.  I meticulously planned our visit and built the scene up in my mind, so imagine my disappointment when I saw that there was car parked right in front of the wall! I actually uttered a drawn out "Nooooo!" when I saw it.

Because I had somewhat emotionally invested myself in thinking about capturing the beauty of the wall, I had no choice but to make the best of this unfortunate situation by utilizing the portion of the wall that was not blocked by the car. Unfortunately, this portion was the side that was way to sunny and had awkward lighting. On the positive side, however, at least the car was a lime green color that did match the wall perfectly and also looked good with my coral pleated skirt, which I had worn especially to look fabulous against the wall. I even tried to incorporate the car into some of the shots, so hopefully it doesn't steal the show!

I guess the takeaway from this experience is that it's best to look on the bright (and colorful) side of things! After our excursion to the wall, my husband and I had drinks and dinner overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset. This ended up being the highlight of the trip and even the absence of the car in front of the wall would not have changed this. Since we love La Jolla so much, I'm sure we will be back in the near future, which means I might be able to visit the wall again to get some better shots, hopefully sans car. Also, next time I'm going to Google the hours of the Jiu-Jitsu studio that uses this parking lot to see when they are closed to ensure that no one is parked in my spot!

Skirt: Target here
Tee: H&M almost identical tee here
Shoes: J. Crew similar embellished cobalt heels here
Clutch: Clare V. leopard foldover clutch here
Sunglasses: Celine here
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  1. The car shots looks so stylised! So lucky it was a clean + yellow car haha. Love your skirt Katie it's a beaut'. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Love this color combo! I've worn it often in the past. I also love the fun backdrops you always find.

  3. You look awesome! Car or not! You know what is so funny is that I totally thought that was your car and it was positioned there purposefully!! So do not worry! I looked like it was part of the shoot! Loving those shoes so much!

  4. What a super cool wall and place to take pics. All's well that ends well. I seriously thought you brought the car as a prop until I read it. LOL Thanks for linking up for Fabulous Friday! XO


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