Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rainbows on Repeat

Last weekend I was surprised when my husband was the one to initiate a trip to one of my favorite malls, South Coast Plaza. Usually my desire to look at a particular store or item (usually handbags) there is the impetus for our trip, but I wasn't going to complain! Actually, my husband spent longer than I did looking at various things and I played the role of the bored husband sitting on a couch in the middle of the store looking at his (her) phone. Perhaps I wasn't feeling well that day because I had a surprisingly low drive to shop!

Unknown to me until last week, right down the road from the shopping mecca that is South Coast Plaza there is this place called The Lab. The Lab dubs itself as an "anti-mall", which I found to be surprising because they do, after all, have stores and restaurants there where you can spend money, thus technically making it a mall. Well, they have this beautiful rainbow wall there that is now a restaurant, but it used to be night vision goggle factory.

I decided that this spot would be the perfect place to take photos because the wall matches my skirt. Unbeknownst to me, however, this wall happened to be where the valet parking was located, thus making it a far from ideal place for photos. A lesser blogger might have just walked away to find a different location, but I persevered...even if that meant that my husband was almost hit on several occasions while taking pictures by drivers who really should have been looking at where they were going! (There are a lot of outtake photos with my mouth agape saying "watch out!") Well, in the end, I think this location worked out well. Would I go back to The Lab on our next trip to Costa Mesa? Probably not, but it did make for a good story and hopefully some nice pictures!


Skirt: J. Crew Factory mixed stripe linen skirt here
Shirt: Zara similar ruffle blouse here
Jacket: Old Navy embroidered denim jacket here
Shoes: ASOS pink suede shoes similar here and here
Bag: Louis Vuitton similar here
Sunglasses: Celine


  1. What a gorgeous skirt - and fabulous against the matching rainbow wall! Kx

  2. This whole look is beautiful! Love your skirt and how is matches perfectly with your background wall!

    xx, Elise

  3. Perfect wall with a perfect rainbow skirt! Love it with the white frilly top and those shoes... swoon!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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