Friday, November 8, 2013

My Sapphire Slippers

I think I need a nicotine patch to get help with my smoking slipper addiction! Smoking slippers are elegant yet casual and oh so comfy. Given these qualities it is impossible to resist their menswear inspired allure. To top it off they come in a tantalizing range of fabrics and styles ranging from velvet to plaid, studded to spiked, and embroidered to bedazzled.

I decided to try the J. Crew Darby style smoking slipper from J. Crew to feed my addiction. When my size popped back up on the website for navy glitter I was thrilled to give them a try and add to my growing mountain of smoking slippers. I took my regular size 7 in these and they fit like a glove. A sparkly glove nonetheless.  Wearing these eye catching/blinding sparklers did garner a few "Michael Jackson" jabs from my husband, but I just brushed those off. Not everyone loves sparkly things as much as I do. I think females are just naturally inclined to gravitate towards the glitter and shiny objects; it's in our DNA.

 So while I might not be able to kick the smoking slipper habit, at at least it is a stylish addiction!

   Button Down Check Shirt and Pullover: J. Crew 
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: J. Crew Glitter Darby Loafers 


  1. LOVE!!! I've been wanting a pair of the darby's so maybe with holiday money we shall see. :)

    1. These would be a great holiday gift to yourself. They are very comfy and I love them!

  2. love!! you look fantastic and the glitter detail is perfection!

    1. Thanks phiphi! I was inspired by all of your lovely smoking slippers! ;)


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