Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blackwatch Invasion

Lately I've found that plaid, especially what's referred to as "Blackwatch" plaid is launching a full scale invasion on my closet. Today I wore these Marisa plaid ankle pants from Ann Taylor LOFT featuring said Blackwatch fabric. As I was writing this post I started to wonder where the epithet came from. A simple web search and a click on Wikipedia answered all my questions. What did we do before the Internet where troves of information is just a click away? As I suspected Blackwatch is the name of a traditional Scottish tartan. What I didn't know is that it represents the Black Watch infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. The name was believed to have come from the color of their uniforms, but others speculate it came from the soldiers "black hearts" or the battalion's efforts to prevent "black mail".

Well, there's much more to read if you are so inclined. I wonder if Ann Taylor's Loft ever considered the history of this particular pattern of plaid? It sort of reminds me of the scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep's Anna Wintour inspired character launches into a diatribe on the origins of one particular shade of blue.

For sizing I took my normal size two in the Marisa Ankle pants. I found that the fit was perfect and these will definitely get quite some use this Fall/Winter, although probably not for any military invasions!

Pants: LOFT Marisa Plaid here
Shirt/Blouse: J. Crew Factory (on clearance in store)
Shoes: Marshall's 
Bracelets: Groopdealz and Forever 21

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