Thursday, November 7, 2013

On Ponte

I've been pretty "up" on fashion and "in the know" since I first fell in love with the idea of designer clothing back in middle school. I still remember the specific moment when my love, perhaps shallow, but a love nonetheless crystallized on a trip to the Big Apple. I spent countless hours in Manhattan as a child visiting my grandparents in the city, but somehow, all of a sudden, the store windows on 5th Avenue seemed to come alive and entice me for the first time on this particular trip.

So after spending so much time as a "student" of fashion, after spending hours laboring over the pages of Vogue and countless moments drooling over store windows, how is it that I am still learning about the vernacular of fashion? Usually if such a category comes up on Jeopardy I am the know it all, but certain words such as "Peplum", "Midi" or "Ponte" are entirely new to me and I wonder if this has more to do with what is on trend right now as opposed to by lack of knowledge on the subject.

This Ponte striped dress from Target is one of my first "Ponte" pieces in addition to a peplum top this summer from J. Crew. I am not sure if I entirely get what the difference is between Ponte and other similar cotton fabrics, but it does have the perfect amount of stretch and comfort which I desire. I paired this dress with an embellished button down from Kohl's. The shirt from Kohl's "Elle" line is a dead ringer for J. Crew and at $19.99 (plus a coupon) you can't beat it if you can still locate it at your store.

I wore this outfit last night to go out to a dinner that I thoroughly enjoyed. A nearby university, Cal Poly Pomona, has a restaurant on campus that is run by students enrolled in their management and hospitality program. Working at the restaurant is the final course (pun intended) for many students, and they offer a tasty prix fixe menu for dinner for a reasonable price. Usually the food is very good, the service is friendly, and you get to write comments at the end about your experience! This visit last night held an extra special surprise though...

Daymond John of NBC's Shark Tank fame was in attendance at the restaurant and giving a talk at the university during our visit. I saw the menu with John's name on it and we inquired of the student maitre d' about Daymond's presence.  He looked carefully looked around, and responded with a slight nod, as apparently this was a very hush hush dining event. When we were escorted to our seats Daymond's signature diamond stud earring could be seen from across the room and blinded me...what a rock! Well, this is probably stupid to anyone who doesn't watch Shark Tank, but I am a fan, so it was quite the celebrity sighting!


  1. Katie you look lovely - and that menu looks amazing!

    1. Thanks! The food was very yummy, although we had a slightly different menu to choose from.


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