Monday, December 3, 2012

Animal Farm

Fair Isle sweaters are everywhere you look this year and I can't be happier that this Nordic, cozy, classic is now back in style. J. Crew combined the classic Fair Isle knit pattern with some cute farmyard animals, namely cats and hens, for a winning combination. More hens! The Fair Isle Farmyard sweater is one of my favorite sweaters from the season.

I took my usual size XS in this style and found that it had a nice fitted cut without being too tight. The wool/angora blend was quite soft on my skin, not as soft as say a fuzzy cat or bunny, but soft enough to make it comfortable to wear all day with a short sleeve blouse underneath. My Frye Paige boots, which I am wearing today, would be perfect for farmyard life.

As the product description from J. Crew states this will definitely be a sweater I wear and cherish for years to come. My only complaint would be that it should have more animals on it. Where are the horses, pigs and goats and dogs? Let's make it a real animal farm! Maybe they didn't want it to turn into an allegory about Stalinist Russia, corruption and communism.


  1. i got this sweater too and for the first time in awhile DH said, i like this. love how you paired it with the boots!

  2. this is seriously too cute - i love this sweater!

    xox P

  3. "My only complaint would be that it should have more animals on it." You're too funny! I'm usually not a fan of fair isle sweaters but I think I can see myself wearing this. Love it!

    1. Thanks fauxionista! I was never a huge fan of fair isle either, but I am really addicted to it this winter. You should get the sweater!


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