Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Bunny Is Watching You!

With the onslaught of rain this weekend I have pretty much stuck to a very simple wardrobe formula consisting of a plaid or checked button down shirt, crewneck sweater, skinny jeans and rubber rain boots. I donned this type of outfit for the last four days, which can get somewhat boring. To add some character to my rainy day uniform, not to mention a little humor, I threw on this "Big Bunny" or graphic bunny sweater from Forever 21. I hesitated to buy this sweater due to the fact that the bunny featured on it boarders a fine line between being somewhat cute to purely hideous or as my husband said this morning, "That bunny looks angry and slightly psychotic." Regardless, I love anything with bunnies, even disturbed bunnies, so I thought I would get it anyway.

Underneath the bunny sweater I am wearing one of my favorite patterns of plaid from J. Crew, the J. Crew tartan plaid boy shirt. This shirt is from a few years ago. J. Crew still makes the same pattern but in the "Perfect" shirt cut, which is the cut I prefer due to its more tailored fit. I am also wearing my "Little Edie" bag from J. Crew in red to bring out the red in the tartan print of the shirt.

Enjoy Big Bunny. Just like Big Brother, he's watching you!


  1. this is just beyond cute! love this look katie! xox P

  2. Adorable sweater and cute outfit! :)


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