Thursday, January 23, 2020

Pre-Valentine's Day Sweater

Valentine's Day is only three weeks away, which is a little hard to believe because it seems like it was just yesterday that I was putting up Christmas decorations! Well, it's now time to put away all the festive plaids and replace them with reds, pinks and, of course, hearts! While I'm not fully into dressing in head to toe hearts, I am shifting my color palette to suit the upcoming holiday. Take, for example, this cozy pink and red sweater; it's the perfect way to get ready for Valentine's Day in a subtle way! I purchased the sweater about a week or so before Christmas but waited until this week to wear it, figuring that it would be perfect for a pre-Valentine's Day look!

I decided to pair the sweater with a pair of white jeans. Formerly, it was a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day but the rules have changed. I've seen quite the movement towards wearing winter whites, which is a really chic idea in my opinion! While these jeans are obviously meant for summer, they do transition nicely to winter months with the right sweater. So, while this might not be an over the top Valentine's Day outfit, it's easing me into the holiday. Plus, if you look closely, you'll see some heart earring peaking out! More hearts are to come as we approach the actual day!

Sweater: Kohl's here
Jeans: J. Crew here
Shoes: J. Crew similar silver flats here
Bag: Gucci similar here
Earrings: similar heart earrings here

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  1. What a cute sweater! Love the pops of pink and white too!

  2. The pumps dress up the look so well! Fun look. Wearing my white jeans today, been wearing them at least once a week this winter.

  3. Katie, I love this adorable sweater! It is perfect for Valentine’s Day and it has so much Spring feeling to it as well. So great with the white jeans and silver shoes!



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