Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trying Something New

I tend to buy my clothes from the same handful of retailers. Once you find a brand that fits you well, both literally and in terms of you personality, why not stick with it? It's nice, however, to change things up a little bit and try something new. So when I came across the Australian designer Doops Designs on Instagram, my jaw dropped at their amazing screen and digitally printed clothing! It was something new, but also something that totally fit my aesthetic. I followed them immediately and contemplated buying something from their Etsy store, but it wasn't until I saw this graphic cacti print skirt that I knew had to have it in my closet ASAP!

Another thing that is new for me is the world of fashion watches, namely Wristology! You see, most of the watches that I wear on a daily basis are mechanical watches, meaning you have to wind them by hand or wear them so that your arm movement winds them. Quartz watches are much more convenient because they are always set and ready to go due to them being powered by a battery. Because I love watches, I was truly thrilled to collaborate with Wristology because they have such a fun array of fashionable quartz watches in various colors and designs from which to choose. The one I am wearing today is the Olivia and I love the rose gold dots! You can get this watch or one of their many other cute watches for 10 percent off with code: katie10

Last, but not least, this wall is a new discovery! Just like the skirt, I came across this wall in an unexpected location via Instagram when I started following a few accounts that document murals and street art in areas of LA. (It's actually on the side of a Marshall's!) So, as you can see, it's fun to try new things and it seems Instagram can really help you to discover them!

Skirt: Doops Designs here
Tee: Target/Merona similar here
Shoes: J. Crew similar here
Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy in Grenade similar here
Watch: c/o Wristology
Belt: Target similar here
Sunglasses: Celine similar here


  1. Your colour choices are adorable, what a stunning wall too! Jacqui

  2. I am so like you, Katie!! Finding new stores and brands can end up being so fun!!
    And let me just say, that your color combination with this skirt is even better than the website one!! They totally need to use you as the model!!
    And pink?!! I bet that would look freat with it too!!

  3. I love everything about these photos! Not only is your outfit absolutely, freaking gorgeous, but that wall?!! It's perfect... especially for what you're wearing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
    Suzy x
    Suzy Turner

  4. I absolutely love your outfit! The colours are beautiful and your skirt is amazing! Can't believe I'm Aussie and had never heard of Doops Designs! So happy to have discovered your blog!

    XXX Sasha

  5. I always shop at the same few stores as well. Trying something new has really worked out for you. Love this skirt and your watch is so beautiful, love the polka dot face!


  6. What a beautiful and colorful look! I love it <3

  7. That skirt is just gorgeous! What beautiful colors!

    More to Mrs. E

  8. This skirt is gorgeous. I love how you styled it!

  9. Loving the splash of color. Beautiful you!


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