Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Smile and Say Cheese!

One of my favorite things about wearing quirky pieces like this camera bag is the reaction I know I will inevitably get from my husband and his family. For example, I know that my husband will always harp on how impractical my choices are. I wore this outfit, complete with the camera bag, out to lunch with him last weekend. When he asked me to put his wallet in my bag, I showed him that I could only throw in a few credit cards, my driver license and some makeup into the bag. I also demonstrated that my iPhone 6 Plus was about an inch too big to fit as well. To this, he sarcastically and rhetorically asked, "Who would have thought that a bag that looks like a camera would be so impractical?"

After our lunch, we stopped to see my husband's grandmother and after assessing how big and seemingly painful my earrings were, she moved on to looking at my bag. (A side note: these earrings really are heavy, but I think my ear muscles have been built up over the last year to the point where they can withstand the weight!) Anyway, upon seeing the bag, she thought that it was an actual camera! I tried to explain to her that it was a bag by opening it up and showing her the inside, to which she asked, "So it doesn't take pictures? It just scares people?" I didn't realize that a metallic camera bag was scary, but my husband and his grandmother clearly disagreed. Regardless, the three of us had a good laugh over the comment!

Shirt: J. Crew Postcard print ruffle blouse here and here
Pants: J. Crew white "Toothpick" jeans here and here
Shoes: Ralph Lauren similar red espadrilles here
Bag: Charming Charlie similar hereexpensive version herebudget clutch version here
Earrings: J. Crew beaded oval earrings here
Sunglasses: Celine


  1. omg, this is so fun! I love it! I have a whale bag, that is exactly the same smallness and amazingness! I commented on insta, but I have a Kate Spade keychain that is identical to this! I love that this is CC's! I can't believe it! I need to swoop this up. So funny about your husband's grandma! lol

  2. Your husbands grandmother sounds like a hoot! Too funny! Love this top and your bag is amazing, even if it doesn't take real pictures.

    xx, Elise

  3. Men just need to leave us and our impractical bags alone! Plus, who is he to get to stow his wallet in your purse anyway? I think the camera bag is so cute, though it's a bummer it does not fit your phone.
    Love your top as well!

  4. Haha! What is it with husbands complaining about our bags being too small to hold THEIR stuff? lol! As long as it fits what I need, that's good enough for me! The bag is very cute, as is the top. What lip color are you wearing? It's so beautiful and such a perfect accent to the shoes and top!

    More to Mrs. E

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Love that camera bag! Thanks for linking up with Thursday Moda!

  6. Your top is so gorgeous. I love the prints! Beautiful!

    Edwige |

  7. Your husbands comments about the bag are hysterical! And his grandmother's, even more so. Love the bag! I would love one of those! I think it's great. Great look overall!

  8. wondering where you got your black watch

    1. It's a Dubey and Schaldenbrand. It's not a very common watchmaker.


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