Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Stroll Through the Garden

Last weekend, my husband and I did several things that involved flowers. I thought this was appropriate because it is the first week of spring after all! The first flower-themed excursion of the weekend involved visiting the cherry blossoms at Descanso Gardens. While I will be posting more photos of the gorgeous cherry blossom trees and some of the flowers blooming in the garden at a later date on my blog, today I am sharing what I wore to take a leisurely stroll through these verdant gardens. (Actually, the stroll through the gardens ended up not being so leisurely due to heavy road traffic, scarce parking and long lines to get into the gardens, so we only had about an hour before the gates closed!)

First, this Kate Spade "Multi Cape" striped shirtdress was a piece I lusted after last spring, however I waited too long to purchase it and it eventually sold old. A couple months ago, however, I got a second shot at purchasing the dress when it popped up during a Kate Spade "Surprise Sale". If you also missed out on these opportunities, the good news is that it's back! You can find the dress here on the most recent Kate Spade surprise sale for only $129, which is a steal compared to the retail price of $400.

I paired the dress with a denim jacket for a more casual look. Even though I am definitely not in need of another denim jacket,  I justified this purchase with the rationale that this is my first embroidered denim jacket, so technically it's not something I already have hanging up in my closet. Plus, it was on sale at Old Navy for under $30, so why not? If you are considering this jacket, be forewarned that it does run a little small, however I actually purchased an extra small for a fitted feel. Below are some other embroidered denim options for those of you who also need an excuse to add another denim jacket to your closet!

Below you will see the rest of my photos featuring my picture perfect outfit for the beginning of spring. I had trouble choosing the images I wanted to use for this post because there were so many lovely backdrops for photos at Descanso Gardens and I am pretty much head over heels in love with this dress! It's almost like the dress was made for me, not to mention a stroll through a gorgeous garden, which I am sure is what Kate Spade had in mind when she designed it!

Dress: Kate Spade here at the surprise sale price of $129 and here
Jacket: Old Navy embroidered denim jacket here
Shoes: Target here
Bag: Coach similar here
Sunglasses: Celine
Pins: Target exact pins here, similar here


  1. That is so great the dress showed up in the sale! It's adorable, and these gardens could not be a more beautiful place for photos.

  2. Even though it must of felt draining to actually get into the garden the pictures are amazing. It looks so peaceful and like a happy place. I had no idea Kate did surprise sale, you definitely paid an amazing price for it :) Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  3. What a great price! That dress is so you and I love the fun Spring colors! Happy weekend!



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