Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cavorting Around Culver City

Culver City has it all: history, theaters, restaurants, museums, shopping and, of course, colorful walls! It should be noted that this was not my first sojourn to Culver City. I've traveled to the city at a few times before to attend some of their many theaters, mainly the Kirk Douglas, however I didn't realize that this city had so much more to offer until I started to do some research, which was mostly prompted by my desire to see the famous "love wall" before Valentine's Day. Anyway, I planned a trip to this destination in Los Angeles last weekend complete with an itinerary of things to do and see. Although I didn't get to everything that I wanted to, which means some day there might be a followup to this post, today I am featuring some of the highlights of Culver City along with the things that I'm going to save for my next visit.

The Culver Hotel is located in the heart of Culver City and is a must see for anyone who likes historical architecture, the movies, or just good drinks. The hotel was built in 1924 and has been a cherished city landmark ever since.

If you were wondering about the hotel's connection to movie history, look at the picture above and below for a couple hints. If you noticed the doll of Dorothy in her famous blue and white gingham dress in the window above and the frolicking cowardly lion below then you're heading down the yellow brick road to the correct answer. The Culver Hotel is the site where the cast of The Wizard of Oz stayed while filming the movie. I heard some salacious rumors regarding the going-ons of the filmmakers, Judy Garland and various cast members, including the Munchkins, from a few women in the bathroom of the hotel, but I won't retell those here!

We looked around the hotel to soak up some more history (it was also rumored that Charlie Chaplin who once owned the hotel lost it to John Wayne in a poker game) and then grabbed a couple of drinks during happy hour. I had a lavender collins that was very good, not to mention refreshing. Next time I would love to try their high tea, which we wanted to during this visit but there were no available reservations.

Another fascinating aspect of Culver City is that many old movie studios that still reside in the city. Culver Studios is one such studio and although it was not on my list of things to see, we stumbled upon it walking to one of our destinations. I love that fact that this particular studio looks to the unassuming eye like just another palatial estate, but it's actually the location where classics such as Gone With the Wind were filmed, although this structure was not used in the film.

Next up are the walls, which have so much color! 

The wall featured here is part of a thing called "The Platform". I don't know how to describe what "The Platform" is but it's described on their website as "a collection of the world's most innovative merchants, chefs, and creative companies located on the Hayden Tract." Basically, it's just shopping, dining, and office space. 

Below is a mural by Jason Woodside, which is located at Rapt Studio. At first I thought that Rapt Studio was some sort of music studio but it's apparently "a creative work space for design." As you can see "creative" is the operative word in Culver City! However, if that results in more colorful walls and spaces, then bring it on!

Of course, there is also the love wall, which was the impetus for our Culver City adventure. If you would like to read about my humorous odyssey to this wall for Valentine's Day, you can find my post detailing the adventure here.

Last of all, there was some interesting shopping, like this clothing boutique that I took a picture of while channeling my own artistic spirit. Clearly, Culver City is a muse!

I have no idea what this store is but apparently they will sell ladders for rabbits when they open? This is something I am going to have to follow up on for my next visit! Whatever it is, it looks super cute!

Another place I want to see on my next visit is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I don't know exactly what this museum is about and apparently they won't tell you if you ask a staff member, but it looks like fun.  As previously mentioned, I also want to have high tea at the Culver Hotel and I will add to my list more vibrant street art like the California Dreaming Mural at the Chinese Laundry headquarters. That should be more than enough to fill another fun day in Culver City!


  1. You always manage to get out and see so much.

    That ladders for rabbits store looks hilarious!


  2. What a gorgeous hotel! And how cool to know the Wizard of Oz cast stayed there? I'm sure the stories were outrageous! Awesome walls and looks like you had a great time!

  3. Your California travels are amazing. Culver sounds amazing. Love all its beauty.


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