Thursday, January 14, 2016

Butterflies and Dinosaurs

I'm a big fan of kitsch and retro things, be it in the form of architecture or fashion. This is probably why I always have a hankering to stop by Peggy Sue's Diner on the way to Vegas. Peggy Sue's is a 50s style diner that has a gigantic jukebox adorning its entrance and some oddball dinosaurs in the back of the restaurant. It's not only a fun place to get some grub, sight see and travel back in time, it's also a great place to take pictures. On our way to Vegas, we stopped and took a few pictures in front of the sign that informs visitors of the prehistoric statues gracing the property. My skirt just happened to feature some gigantic butterflies, so I thought it might be a good match. The midi style of the skirt also gives it a little bit of a vintage feel, matching the 50s diner vibe. All in all, the outfit was a good match for the location.

Skirt: H&M similar
Sweater: H&M similar
Shoes: Kate Spade similar
Bag: Chanel Jumbo Flap budget friendly version
Belt: Brooks Brothers similar
Necklace: LOFT
Sunglasses: Prada similar here


  1. Oh, what a fun place to go and take pictures! I love how the colors in your skirt coordinate with the front of the diner too :) This is such a fun, pretty look!
    Shea |

    1. Yes, it is such a fun, vintage road stop. I didn't actually plan on the outfit coordinating so well, but it worked out perfectly!

  2. The perfect out for the diner!

    1. Yes, I'm glad I could find such a cool place to take the photos! It's always a lot of fun when the outfit and the location come together seamlessly!

  3. Thank you Dawn! It was a great place to grab a bite to eat and take some fun photos. As always, thanks for hosting the linkup!

  4. Omg the entrance of that dinner and all the right green surrounding it are super cool. Love your shades and your midi skirt. Both are perfect for a 50s diner. The fish and butterflies on the skirt are so whimsical. Great photo shoot.


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