Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nothing Gold Can Stay

How many metallic shoes can one person have? I bought these "Dauphine Shimmered Skimmers" this week when Anthropologie upped the ante on their winter tag sale with an extra 40% off clearance as opposed to the previous offer of 25% off. (I also got a few other goodies including a Clare V. handbag that I am waiting with baited breath for!) Well, after I got these shoes, which are appealing because of their gold patina, blinged out accents and made in Spain origin, all for under $100, I started thinking about whether or not I need yet another pair of sparkly shoes, so they may be going back...maybe!

My next pair of golden shoes were not of my doing. I ordered a pair of shoes from kate spade last week too. (It's been a tough week, so the shoes are kind of like my therapy!) Anyway, the "Jaylee" heels which I ordered here are high heels made from grey patent saffiano leather with some jewel adornments affixed to them. So imagine my surprise when they were shipped in the mail and I opened the box to find the shoes below staring at me! Not even close!

These shoes pictured above are the kate spade "Paxton". Not only do they not look like the pair I ordered, the names are not even close, although at least the size is right. It kind of makes me wonder about kate spade given the glaring error. I can't help to think that somewhere out there someone opened a package to find my shoes, while I received theirs. If it's you, let me know!

While I kind of like the "Paxton" and I even tried them on just for fun, they are definitely going back in the mail, thus proving that nothing gold can stay, at least in my closet. There's already too many metallic shoes in it!

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