Saturday, May 4, 2013

Muse of the Museum

Today my husband and I ventured to the Orange County Museum of Art to see their Richard Jackson exhibit. This was the last weekend of his show entitled Ain't Painting a Pain. In celebration of its closing weekend the museum wrapped butcher paper around the building and encouraged patrons to make their own masterpieces. I didn't partake in this, but it was a neat idea which thematically complimented Jackson's work.

Richard Jackson's art is clearly a continuation of traditions originating with artistic giants such as Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns. His site specific installations which are usually destroyed after their stint at the museum, celebrate the physical act of painting, often in a humorous and playful way.

I wanted to look a little bit like a painting, so I wore this dress (not sure of the name) from Anthropologie. Here I am standing next to one of my favorite installations which is comprised of 5050 canvases constructed and painted by the artist and stacked upon one another.

Below I've featured some other works by Richard Jackson which piqued my interest. I was actually not familiar with this artist prior to my visit to the museum, but I did enjoy his color saturated, playful art. My husband, who has little tolerance or appreciation for contemporary art, did not appreciate the exhibit, but he was a very good sport today.

The above picture is actually a painting that you can walk inside of like a maze. Very ingenious, but I would have added a separate exit and entrance. There was only one way to get in and out, which resulted in mass confusion for many.

I love this picture due to its craziness (dancing deer targets?), but also due to the elderly lady who decided to take a break and sit on it. A few moments after this picture was taken she was told to get off by a guard. 

Outside of the museum you can't miss Jackson's Bad Dog, a towering colossus of a dog relieving himself on the side of the museum. I mainly took this picture for William because he is still marking his territory like a female dog. I thought showing him this picture might be instructive. 

Last, but not least, we also dined at the museum, in very classy way none the less. Our table was a stack of pallets located outside of the museum next to its service entrance. There were, of course, no chairs. There was a food truck called Monster Burger outside and we sprung for some gourmet food truck burgers (is that an oxymoron?), fries, soda, and lemonade. It was pretty yummy.


  1. That looks so good - and what an awesome exhibit! And you look great in that anthro dress too :)

    1. Thank you! Now I am starting to get hungry looking at the picture of the burger!

  2. You look great and love the outfit to go along with the art exhibits! That Bad Dog exhibit is cute! :)


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