Friday, May 10, 2013

A Box of Crayons

I feel like a box of crayons today. Feeling as such, I decided to pair my ensemble with the Kate Spade brushstroke clutch since it has a paint/artistic motif. Certainly there is a rainbow of bright colors, much like a box of Crayolas, featured on both the clutch and my outfit for today.

On a related note, many people seem to be taken aback when you wear brightly colored pants. It's like your pants are so blinding you need shades to view them. I received many comments like: "Those are bright pants!" or "Whoa... I like your pants" or "I can see you coming from a mile away" today. Anyway, these pants were purchased a while back from the gap and are my favorite "Friday Pants" lately because they are comfy and cheerful, thus complimenting my usual Friday disposition.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and perhaps taking in the new Great Gatsby movie. Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of this classic looks like a visual feast for the eyes, one which is anything but sparing when it comes to the use of color (much like my outfit). Fitzgerald symbolically used color throughout his novel and I wonder if Baz Luhrmann will follow suit and make use of this device. I guess I will have to watch and find out, perhaps even in 3D.  It looks to be quite the spectacle, for better or worse.

Whatever you find yourself doing this weekend, enjoy!

Outfit: Shirt: J. Crew Teardrop (similar "Factory" version here), Pants: Gap, Shoes: Madewell (here), Clutch: Kate Spade, Bangles: J. Crew (here)

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