Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Simple Kind of Weekend

This weekend was a laid back kind of weekend, which was fine by me because came down with a cold this week, and am still under the weather. This recap of my weekend wraps all of my favorite things into one package including: fashion, food and my puppy William. I realize it might not be the most exciting thing to write about or the most glamorous, but I am going to write about it anyway!

Today my husband and I went out for a nice lunch at a nearby Shabu Shabu restaurant. In case you don't know what Shabu Shabu is, it means "swish swish" in Japanese and it is a form of dinning which involves you cooking your own meat and vegetables in a hot pot. The place we went to features a spicy miso broth which I always crave when I am sick because it really clears your sinuses out!

I wore my Kate Spade lips noelle blouse out to lunch, which I love due to its very cute graphic featuring lips smoking. While I don't smoke, I like the retro, throwback to the 50's vibe of the graphic. I put my napkin on like a bib at the shabu place to avoid any spills or splashes. My husband is the one who tends to be the messiest at shabu, so it was more protection against "second hand splash!"

Yesterday we took William to Petco to pick out some new dog food.  Lately I have been researching a better dog food for William and we finally decided on Blue Buffalo. Researching dog food involved navigating a maze of contradicting information. Everyone has something different to say, and everyone has raves about certain brands and rants about others. It's sort of like humans picking out a new diet, everyone has something to say and really I think it just boils down to the individual. We decided to go with our gut and pick something that seemed sensible and healthy, and something that didn't contain fillers or by-products.

Once we decided on Blue Buffalo as a brand we then had to determine which type and flavor William wanted. William picked out Wilderness Salmon and I heard this helps to give your dog a nice shinny coat, so everyone was happy. William is now transitioning to this brand and is gobbling it down. The trip to Petco was good socialization for him. I was surprised that he was actually on pretty good behavior. We didn't have too much English Springer craziness to contend with and William made friends with some of the Guinea pigs and other dogs.

Below you can William laying on the floor of Petco a little exhausted, as picking out your food is very taxing! Also you can see a picture of him today, full of vim and vigor as a result of his new healthy, yummy diet!

Last of all, the food portion of today's entry. Last night I made a potato leek soup. I always love a nice soup when I am sick, and one can get a little bit tired of the canned stuff. This French classic is so rich and creamy, not to mention yummy! William isn't the only one enjoying his new food! I used the recipe found here from the Food network . I always like to add a little Vermont white cheddar, crumbled bacon and chives on my potato leek soup. Below you will see the finished product of my culinary creation.

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