Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scotties and Scarves

While my allegiance is clearly with the English Springer Spaniel as far as dog breeds go, there are some other breeds that I absolutely adore, one of which is the Scottish Terrier a.k.a. the Scottie dog. I don't think I would want to own a Scottie dog, but I sure do enjoy seeing them everywhere including on sweaters and Christmas trees.

Today I wore this Scottie dog sweater which I found last month at the J. Crew factory outlet. I first saw this sweater on a blog and knew I had to get my "paws" on it. It was sold out online, so I made a trip to a nearby outlet mall. Upon walking in the store I thought they were sold out too, but then there it was, on a manikin in my size! Since it continues to be "cold" here, I paired my Scottie dog sweater with a Scottish scarf from Brooks Brothers.

Yesterday I decorated our Christmas tree which was not an easy feat when William the English Springer Spaniel puppy is nipping at your toes. William thought decorating the tree was a game and proceeded to jump at all of the ornaments as I put them up. He also thinks the tree stand with water in it is an extension of his water dish and drinks at his leisure. Maybe we should have gotten a Scottish Terrier instead of a Springer? Anyway, getting back to the Scottie theme,  I discovered amidst the boxes of ornaments two Scottie Dog ornaments which now adorn our tree. I actually forgot about these until I unpacked them yesterday. That's what I love about decorating the tree, every year it is like unwrapping presents, because I always forget what ornaments we have. The ornaments are clearly my inspiration for today's outfit.


  1. Ok I really need to get my unmotivated behind to the outlets. This is too cute!

  2. very very cute! love this sweater! xox P

  3. This is adorable - both the sweater and the ornaments! :)


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