Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Cycle of Fashion

Fashion is very cyclical. What goes around comes around. Things that were in vogue during various decades die out and then are rediscovered by a new generation and reinvented. I remember my mom looking at disgust at my fashion magazines when I was a teenager because at the  time the 60's and 70's styles were making a resurgence. She couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to wear clothing from these decades. During my preteen years grunge was all the rage and I did go through a short lived phase where I could be found clad in flannel, listening to Nirvana and admiring the fashion of Courtney Love. I was so naive! Well, the grunge style is back in the form of flannel shirts. This time around, flannel is being reinvented by designers in bright colors. While I am not particularly nostalgic or eager to return to the 90's, I am definitely on board with this trend as the bright colors make this dreary fabric fun and playful. 

Here I am wearing the J. Crew Boy Shirt in flannel. J. Crew has the boy shirt in a bunch of materials: silk, cotton, flannel etc. No matter what the fabric, I always size down in this style. Here I am wearing a size 00. I guess it is supposed to fit big (as if you are wearing a man/boy shirt hence the name) but I like things more fitted. I do really admire the yellows and blue tones in this shirt, it's so much better than the ones I wore in the 90's! The material is also quite thick and comfy for windy days such as today. Thank goodness it is finally fall, at least for the next few days.

To give the grunge look a bit more "glamor" I paired it with my Chloe boots and J. Crew Edie bag in Casablanca blue. Although, the Levi jeans I am wearing do fit with the grunge theme.


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