Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sweater Weather

As I mentioned in my last post, sweater weather has finally hit Los Angeles and I am celebrating with some of the sweaters that I recently purchased in anticipation of the fall and winter months! One of my favorite types of sweaters is a colorful striped sweater, and even though I have way too many of these in my closet, I end up wearing them all the time, so I suppose they are a good investment! This coral stripe sweater from LOFT is one of my more recent striped sweater purchases. I really think it has some great fall colors in it! Below are some other striped sweater options that I also love.

I paired this colorful sweater with a corduroy mini skirt and some tall brown boots. Wearing boots is another thing that I truly enjoy about this time of year! I think it's a shame that I live somewhere that only allows for fall/winter dressing for such a short period of time, because I really do love wearing sweaters, coats and boots!

Sweater: LOFT here
Skirt: Target here
Boots: J. Crew similar boots here and here
Bag: Clare V.  here

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  1. Love all the color in this outfit! What a cheerful sweater. I honestly need one like this, especially as we get into a long and cold winter. I feel like this kind of sweater would always cheer me up!

  2. I love sweater weather and we definitely need them this week! I just added to cream ones to my closet to wear with skirts and dresses especially.

  3. I do adore a colorful striped jumper! It's always fun to start wearing them when the weather cools down. Thanks for linking


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