Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Gothic Kind of Love

In honor of Valentine's Day this month, I've been on the lookout for murals and spots around Los Angeles that are love themed. So, when I discovered this mural by Dean Stockton, also known as D*Face, I thought it would be great place to checkout in celebration of Valentine's Day because the characters are kissing. While this mural features two lovers engrossed in a passionate kiss, one can't help but notice that they are a bit gothic looking and maybe even dead! It's a cool and dark spin on pop art, which makes it all the more intriguing. I decided to wear my purple jumpsuit on this particular day. While the jumpsuit is from last year, there are a few almost exact ones that I've linked to below in case you're dying to get your hands on a purple jumpsuit too!

In addition to visiting this cool mural, we also went to a retro diner in the area called The Tallyrand. The Tallyrand has been around since 1959 and is a popular place to dine in the Burbank area. I love finding places that take you back to a different time in Los Angeles' past, so this restaurant was right up my alley. We had a great lunch there and overheard some locals talking about a possible suspect in the very dark Black Dahlia murder case. Overhearing the conversation about this infamous murder definitively complemented the dark and gothic vibe of the mural!

Jumpsuit: Target similar here, here and here
Shoes: J. Crew here
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  1. Love the pink pumps! Very chic!


  2. This jumpsuit is so cute! I love the pops of green and pink that you added to the outfit. Looks like you're ready for spring!

  3. The purple jumpsuit looks perfect against the mural. My favorite color. Thanks for linking.

  4. Love the jumpsuit. It is a great color for Spring! That mural is pretty cool - you always find the perfect places for photos!
    jess xx


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