Sunday, October 10, 2021

Hotdogs at Pink's

I feel like this post could be about me dressing up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween or it could be about me checking more things off my L.A. bucket list by going to Pink's Hotdogs. Because it wasn't really my intent to dress up like Rosie the Riveter, I guess I will focus on Pink's Hotdogs instead! With that being said, if you want an easy Halloween costume idea, just buy a denim jumpsuit, throw a scarf on your head and strike a pose flexing your arm and you will have a pretty easy and awesome costume for Halloween! Plus, as an added bonus, you can use the jumpsuit all year round! Because this jumpsuit from Old Navy is currently sold out, I linked to some others below that are fabulous for any occasion, Halloween included.
Denim Jumpsuit Options

So, getting back to Pink's Hotdogs, I have wanted to go to this retro hotdog stand that's been around since 1939 for the longest time! A couple of things gave me pause about visiting so I kept putting it off. One thing that I had reservations about were the crowds. I read in the reviews that you can wait for hours to get one of their hotdogs. A second thing was that many people said that the food is overpriced and not as good as it used to be. After seeing a Huell Howser show on Pink's Hotdogs, I decided I had to go. Besides, the food looked really good, at least on TV, so I decided it was now or never and I might as well bite the bullet and check it out!


Well, we picked a cool, overcast day for our visit to Pink's and arrived before noon. We discovered that there were no lines, although I did stop and take some photos of the awesome pink exterior and a short line did develop during that time, much to my husband's chagrin! When we sat down with our food, which consisted of chili cheese dogs and onion rings. We were pleasantly surprised that they were delicious! Yes, they are a little overpriced at around $7 a piece, but I suppose you are paying for the history, the name and access to the amazing pink wall with the Pink's logo on it! (Actually, you can take pictures here for free.) Also, now I can check another thing off of my L.A. bucket list, which always feels good!

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo similar rainbow bag here
Headband: Anthropologie here
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  1. This looks like such a fun spot! I love the bright pink building and your cute outfit!

  2. Your jumpsuit is so cute, Katie, and this restaurant looks so cool! I love the bright pink wall and comic book style logo!

    I hope you have a great week!



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