Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In the Groove

I've been on summer break now for about two weeks and it always amazes me how easily I can settle into the groove of being off from work! For example, it only took me a couple days to completely forget what day of the week it was! I've also settled into a much better pattern of sleep that has me feeling more well-rested and healthy again! Speaking of being "in the groove", today I'm featuring these groovy pants from J. Crew! What immediately caught my eye about these pants was, obviously, the fun print, which is one of J. Crew's signature "Ratti" prints that I adore. My husband said they looked very 70s inspired and that I should have worn the pants with Go Go boots! Well, I didn't go overboard with the retro vibe but I do like that the print and the bold colors are a nod to the 70s, which was a pretty groovy decade when it came to fashion!

One of the other nice things about being off on summer vacation is that is frees up a lot more time for blogging and visiting fun locations in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a heatwave here in Southern California, so I am not as motivated as I usually would be to go out and explore but I hope to do more of that in the upcoming permitting!

Pants: J. Crew here and blouse version of this print here
Bag: Gucci
Headband: J. Crew here
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  1. OMG, Katie, I freaking love these groovy pants! Such a great outfit, too. I do agree with your husband that the pants would look pretty spectacular with some patent leather go-go boots! If you were feeling like a head to toe retro look. But I do love the way you have styled them, too!



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